Homemade Greenhouse Tour – DIY Project – GardenFork

Homemade Greenhouse Tour – DIY Project – GardenFork

My homemade greenhouse built using recycled windows. A great DIY project that we built for little money. Sub here: http://goo.gl/3zM702

Get the automatic greenhouse vent opener here: http://amzn.to/2bjZqg8

There aren’t any greenhouse plans for this project, sorry, we just built a frame of pressure treated 4x4s and framed around the windows we had. The roof is new, its a UV stable corrugated roofing, which wasn’t cheap but it lasts a long time.

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Jeri Landers says:

I love it! It has a rustic old fashioned charm.

dumpdigger dave says:

being irish its refreshing to hear american accents that dont grate on my ears, you are great, love your video

Farida Ramdhanie says:

Love when the snow came down suddenly…wow!..all videos seems to be very amusing n entertaining….which make you feel on the positive side of life…thank you!

Tony Banner says:

You may try a vibrating sander inside . It may move some snow.

Moises Perdomo says:


OutdoorChrisB says:

Cool…good job.
lol…I did some avalanche evaluation and rescue training and as you were clearing the roof I could see signs it was going to slide (aside from the fact that it was basically on a plastic base.) You guys are real in your videos, I like it.

LycaonsMemories says:

ok question that has nothing to do with the greenhouse… why do dogs lick eachothers ears? my sisters bassets do it all the time and try to lick ours as well

franzb69 says:


bam fron says:

luv ur vids! a project like this is on the list if to do's when time allows. we so have the windows! luv to see more about bees. your camera operator could be a bit more enthusiastic and supportive and a little less sarcastic. just sayin'

The Weekend Homestead says:

The snow was awesome – you are now giving me ideas with what to do with all my Windows I have from my project house I am working on

Janet Sclar says:

We already have a lean-to greenhouse attached to the garage where we have to grow tomatoes here in the North-North Coast of California, BUT you gave me the idea that this is where I can finally get my pea gravel fix. I mentioned that to my hubby and he agreed but wants us to dig a trench, put in a base layer, and all of that will require some retaining bricks on the upside of the tomato beds on one side. Alas! I referred to your motto (and mine too) that "done is better than perfect". He laughed, but he's not convinced. I know he's right in the long run, but I want pea gravel under my feet and not a three-day project…At least he said he'd help… 🙂

deezie says:

Your Greenhouse is awesome* My husband made me a small greenhouse from old windows also. Great video

Flannel Acres says:

Your native name would be "Man with Sticks and Forks" 🙂

BobMels Gardens says:

Great laugh @ 1:30. I really enjoy it when your wife helps. Makes it more fun. Thanks guys. Best wishes Bob.

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