5,500lb Treehouse Platform! *Treehouse Utopia*

5,500lb Treehouse Platform! *Treehouse Utopia*

What do 5,500 pounds of steel, a lotus flower, and nine heavy-limb TABs have to do with our next treehouse at Treehouse Utopia? Find out here, in our behind the build video! Our project manager Scott Atkins breaks down the engineering of this gargantuan treehouse platform. Then, we take you onsite with our crew to learn about the build process. Join our site lead, Mike Reynolds, and carpenters Travis Moose and Geoff Ayr as they show you what it took to bring this heavy metal substructure to the trees.



mr fhmzh says:

I watch you in discovery channel asia and i love it

Mitch Deitrich says:

oh yeah very cool!

- Veaux - says:

i was there

Amanda Worley says:

Oh first comment lol

Amanda Worley says:

3/32 could they not get a drill bit for that???

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