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(12.11.15) DAILY VLOG #385

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missyrider5 says:

How high are your ceilings? And where did you get the bed sheet from? Absolutely love this bed and his sheets are adorable!

Cassandra Amore says:

How much was the bed do u have a link

E Mil says:

Can you tell me how high your ceilings are? I was deterred from getting the treehouse because of the 11ft ceiling recommendation. Thanks.

Xavier Seymour says:

Where's this bed from?

Drika M. says:

agreed with the comment below… skip to 11min.

pattie quin says:

is this the one that is 94 inches high??

Loss G says:

aiyo….just skip to 11:00 …wat a waste of my time

Lisa Greig says:

The bed is so good and nice

Bracketteers says:

Yay! We were so excited to send out those Christmas cards! Go Star Wars!!! Great singing Ryan!!! LOLOL!!! Glad you guys are feeling better!

Clueless Stacey says:

the bed is truly amazing! WANT

Justin OHella says:

Braydon's bed is awesome

Brick WALL says:

LOL–Ryan!! He's making me crack up with his dancing. Ryan, how dare you say you guys are out of shape. Puhleez, neither of you has a pinch of fat on you! Enough, I wrote a novel on this one vlog.

Brick WALL says:

Oh the question of the day!! When I as a little girl and my precious father gave me a Sleeping Beauty watch for Christmas. I don't know why, but that watch was just so special. I'm about to cry thinking about it because my own darling Daddy is very sick with Parkinson's this Christmas. Mom and Dad always knocked themselves out trying to make Christmas special for us. I remember going to bed that night and I was just full of happiness and joy over that Sleeping Beauty watch. Small edit: It as a Cinderella watch!! PS–Sam please update us on the water situation.

Brick WALL says:

I'm going to like this video, but not liking the stress you're going through.But the treehouse bed is absolutely amazing and those darling angels deserve such a neat holiday present!! Sending you guys hugs and wishes for lots of Dutch Bros and dry carpet!! We don't have Dutch Bros here and I am always so intrigued when I see you guys drinking the coffee. So I might order some. It must be really good!!

Brick WALL says:

Ah, Sam, that water thing is a disaster. That happened to us a few years ago, oh, I can't tell you the mess it caused. My husband was rushing toward the laundry room and fell very hard on his back on the ceramic floor foyer. The water drifted all the way into the den ruining some of the wooden floor. I couldn't believe how much water came out of ONE washing machine!! Once the mess dries you're gonna need to peel back the carpet sometime to ensure you don't have black mold!! You might have to make an insurance claim guys. So sorry this happened, Sam.

brad corey says:

y'all are absolutely incredible. God bless your family.

roxana marangi says:

Love that bed I know my boys will love to have one too

TheRozzyRozz says:

"My house is invisible!" lol

Cookie Treats17 says:

You are so close to 2,000! 7 more to go!

Kathy Parker says:

I've said it before Papa Todd is awesome, love the bed!!

JustSayin’ says:

love you guys

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