Building A Treehouse And Camping For The Night

Building A Treehouse And Camping For The Night

New videos on Thursdays! We got out to the new acreage and promptly had to build a treehouse and go camping for the night. Things got out of control as usual and we ended up making it bigger than I planned, but that’s the way we do things around here!



Deniable Assets says:

I swear these videos are so peacefull

MuffyCakeMan says:

Theres no way those tiny screws hold up for long with that weight.

Terry H says:

When I looked at your tree house build I immediately feared for your safety , pay close attention to what Uncle Creepytikl had to say, I am dead serious.

FreedMan76 says:

Sorry, but a video on building a tree house can only be made by a 12 yr old boy. Two grown men doing it is really pathetic.

BlueSunset says:

It might be a good time to open a campground if there's a shortage.

Tyler Druer says:

I like your style Steve.

Jose Gutierrez says:

Equipment needed:
1. (2) buckets
2. Crap load of wood
3. Several tarps
4. As many screws as you can carry
5. 600 cans of beer

FourDollaRacing says:

Don't go off-grid! Way too political….

Eric hahn-hill says:

Dribbles a little rat piss on the skillet yes that'll do

Stephen MacDonald says:

Great content Steve, I will definitely send you some beer donations for all your hard work. Love it!!!

Just Me says:

ONE battery??? I take at least six batteries and two chargers for my Dewalt impact wrenches, drills, etc.

angry bird99 says:

Nope…. we wanna see a bit of everything. We just love what u do. Show us a home project or 2!!!

Tycheoverus says:

Haha this is funny 19:27 – Steve, you have over 3 times the capacity of Giants stadium following you, over 80% of the entire population of Canada has seen your videos. Who gives a rat turd what the hardware guy thinks!

Elaine Broskie says:

Congrats on your property. Awesome building in the snow!

Lost MC Killa says:

You should name the new channel “the acreage”

Ian Robertson says:

Hell YEAH! Second channel sounds awesome! Building with Steve? Off Grid Living with Steve?

Valerie Keyes says:

I'm all for a second channel. Well the extra content. Sounds like it will be awesome. Thanks for giving us an update!


Congrats on the purchase of the acreage!! Nice to be able to do what you want on your own property, with building a treehouse. Love it! Cheers to You and Crazy Neighbor!!

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