DIY Miniature Tree House-Wooden House Design

DIY Miniature Tree House-Wooden House Design

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Hi everyone, welcome to Heyphuong studio. Today, I gonna make a miniature tree house in a porcelain flower tree. This is my very first jobs in making things with wooden material and also by hand so I hope you guys enjoy and leave any comments under below to let me know what are you thinking. Have a nice day^^
In this video I do something like:

cut the wood
paint the house with acrylic color
cut the moss
cover the roof with moss
make the hanging ladder
plant a cactus
build the house in the tree
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Chúc kênh chị 3 thành công!

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inibeneran apaboongan

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🙄🙄Amazing and relaxing

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hay lắm luôn phương ơi

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