Garnier Limb The original Treehouse attachment bolt

Garnier Limb The original Treehouse attachment bolt How to build the best treehouse.



Vazmenko says:

Very informative video. Thanks!

Ye Olde Pirate says:

Hello , How do I reach you with my design info, Thanks

Shannon Mcafee says:

Could you put the nut on and use a high powered impact

Haru Koyama says:

how can I email you my tree house plan?

ذبيح خودم says:

Thank u for sharing

mrcegodepenas says:

Where can i buy them? Thank you

MegaTUHAU says:

such a humble person … i like your tree house sir…so safety..

Babar Azim says:

Thank you Sir i learned a lot from you thank you again for sharing these informations

Lister guru says:

18:58 "I only act like an engineer" That is obvious, as an engineer would have made provision for spanner flats on the bolt (or some other improved method of screwing the bolt into the tree, instead of using pipe grips, as that is poor practice in the extreme, just look at how it mars up the electro-zinc plated surface at 5:10. That's just what you need for long term corrosion protection!

Michael Nye says:

What type of tree was used for the test??

Frank Soppa says:

Try to screw in the bolt with some linseed oil. This is much easier and the slightly biocidal effect of the linseed oil protects the wood from infections.

mike whitsitt says:

and i use the tread part of tires to put against the tree before i clamp it on

mike whitsitt says:

I make strap clmps using old hot water heater and buy bolts nuts ,bolts,cables, the cables i use for cross bracing so the tress cant sway back and forth,,,i live in kansas where theres lots of wind

Samuel Rusu says:

nice product. to you ship to Canada?

Todd Naples says:


justin desjardins says:

I have plans on doing one in the cedar trees I have on my property. Will the rust from these or drilling into the tree compromise the health of the trees?

lin0rez says:

Great video. I learned more in 22+ minutes than in several hours of other videos. This is what an instructional should be, not introductions with the family or pets just information from a person with experience telling me what works and what doesn't. Looking forward to more videos.

Emil Fanea says:

hi . how much for the bit and Garnier  limb ?

Barry Lab says:

Why dont you make a flat section on the part your turning to have a better grip when screwing the hinge in the tree

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