How to build a treehouse Episode 34

How to build a treehouse Episode 34

Here is a step by step guide on how to build a treehouse.



Scott Falagan says:

Hi Tracy
thanks for the video. after these few years, how is everything holding up? has the tree growth changed anything at all?
Thanks again.

tightspot99 says:

This show is unscripted, unprepared, and almost unintelligible due to inferior audio.

Info Kevin says:

I think you did great job and it sounds like you enjoyed doing it . Its very easy to be critical and a few people should really consider what your goal was. I get it, well done.

Romana Angersbach says:

I made it by myself. I used woodprix woodworking plans for that.

Arcuri Sano says:

You can use woodprix instructions to build it yourself guys.

Legacy Films says:

Great job Tracy!! You did a fantastic job!! Hey, it may not have a zip line or a slide, but it survived a hurricane!! That's impressive!! & I'm really sorry for all of the rude hate comments, those jerks don't know what their doing, I'd like to see them make their own!! I've had hate comments before, but not as bad as these, if your reading this, then remember it, any time hate shows up, then don't hate back, stop it wisely. I hope this message clicks for some people, stop hate. I don't see any reason why people feel the need to hurt someone, Lets stop hate.😊

copbister1.8 gleeson says:

boooo that sucks

Romelia Polly says:

im sure you'll build it yourself. I made it 2 weeks ago thanks to woodprix website.

kenedyexpress motoboy são bernardo do campo says:

4:16 Reproduzir a seguirReproduzir agora CONSTRUÇÃO CASA NA ÁRVORE DA MEL E BIEL – TREEHOUSE- Duração: 4:16.kenedy76

Travis Wilkins says:

the lag bolts are great but as you said you should have used beams that could carry a heavier load…all things considered for the low weight of children playing I think you are more than fine. I love seeing people DIYing

Engin Çağlar says:

i saw so many videos for making tree house or platform but your videos is the best one many thanks, i have 3 boys , we are trying to build in the week , hope everythings will go smoth 🙂

maverick5983 says:

pls delete this movie….. u killing the tree….. 🙁

shnawdude03 says:

dang. people are drinking to much hateraid.
it looks great, better then the scrap wood one I had and it lasted 15 years.

Brian Watkins says:

Listen Idiots out there!! In the beginning she claims she's not an expert. She did the best she could with what knowledge she had, so Fuck off! Great job Tracy!!!

Hector Morales says:

should change the title to "how to kill a tree and put your children in danger"

Chris Kendall says:

Fine post, doesn't have to be up to building code, it's a treehouse. Thank you, Tracy.

Sierra Scott says:

You know what this is the only video I've found that at least given me an idea on how to build mine so thank you for posting.

Steve Cartwright says:

I'm looking into building a treehouse soon so looking for videos to get some ideas, and this video came up first. It looks good and some bits were quite useful, there's obviously quite a few things "the experts" would do differently, but if its still standing after 5 years you must have done something right and its not bad for someone with basic skills. I'm sure if you do decide to add to it, all the critics belowm who know best, might be able to help!

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