How To Build A Treehouse

How To Build A Treehouse

When my kids started hauling up blankets to make rooms in trees, I decided it was time to build a treehouse. This slideshow documents our efforts.



Drink me says:

This video has no sound

Marcello Martins says:

Very good! It is beautiful! Congratulations! 🙂

Mustafa gök says:

supeeerrrrr!!! 🙂

Trapizonga Voadora says:

Um pai de verdade.
Portuguese translation.
A real father.

Jose Recalde says:

Nice work, I only fear of the buried cable.

Anh Phung says:

Do you have pics of the damage to the trees?  What would be a better way to attach to the tree using lag bolts?

Bruce Nitroxpro says:

I agree with Mark, the trees were damaged in this instance. I also agree that the electrical work was not near to code. The house had no insulation, therefore would be unlivable most of the year. Other than that, it was a work of art.

Mark Sullivan says:

The way you attached it to those trees is going to cause serious problems in the next 5-10 years for the tree and the treehouse. And 110V wiring has to be hurried 18-24" per code in most areas.

izumo says:


Fausto Cervantes says:


Emre Eroğlu says:

Can I have the projects? I would like to make a treehouse like this. Great Job !

Gamer Teddy says:

Best video on making a treehouse ever! Dad and I are gonna build one next week! Thanks!

barbfreeumea says:

could you please tell the name of this kickass jazz song

Morpheus_00 says:

Fantastic. I want to live in it.

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