How To Make Your Own Jungle-Book Inspired Cubby House | Outdoor | Great Home Ideas

How To Make Your Own Jungle-Book Inspired Cubby House | Outdoor | Great Home Ideas

Watch as Adam teaches you how to make the perfect Jungle-Book inspired Kids Cubby House. It’s the perfect summer gift!

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Great Home Ideas says:

Let us know what you think of our Jungle Book Inspired Cubby House!

Boo The Pomeranian The Worlds Cutest Dog says:

Owning a Serval (a wild cat native to Africa.) and having this hut would let the imagination run wild for kids. And yes, You Can Own a serval in the USA. Some states like the Carolinas and Alabama Allows You To Own One Without A Permit. Make sure you check the laws about exotic pet ownership in your state (if you live in the USA.) And servals, despite still being classified as “wild” are actually pretty cool pets. They normally hunt small animals like mice, like water, and many other cool features. And no, as of now there has been no reported cases of a pet serval killing a human. (At least, I don’t think so.) But If You can’t Own a serval, Get a serval and domesticate cat hybrid called the “Savannah cat”. I am posting this comment because both Savannah cats and servals look Like leopards. As long as you have the right conditions, you are ok.

Demetre Wiklauri says:

Anyone 2019

b b says:

Can you build a baseball shaped cubby and on the inside is baseball theme

jones riley says:

So cool😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

Dave Nymann says:

Pleas come to my house on 65 Elgin street South Toronto pleas 😀👍

Molly Walsh says:

I love what you do

Nooredin Zayed says:

The kids never say thank you.

SD 287 says:

Can you do my house soon I

122 12к says:

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Finn For Fun says:

1. Wood
2. Paint
3. Bamboo
4. Animals

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