Living In A Treehouse On The Hawaii’s Big Island! Mahinui Na Lani, Gopro Hero6 Black

Living In A Treehouse On The Hawaii’s Big Island! Mahinui Na Lani, Gopro Hero6 Black

Living in this treehouse, Mahinui Na Lani for the start of my Hawaiian honeymoon was the best decision i made! Secluded and romantic does not even start to describe this place.

This place was built by the same people that build the houses on Treehouse Masters and has been in an episode and featured in many other publications and shows.

My video barely does it justice, If you have the means i suggest you go and see for yourself because it is amazing.

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Filmed using the GoPro Hero6 Black:

Rest of my gear:

To book your own stay please contact Gail at or visit their website at for more info on the property and how to book. Worth it!



Mama G says:

I didn’t even know places like this existed here

Bluntly Blondie says:

I don’t know about drinking champagne and then climbing up that ladder. Or really drinking champagne in a tree house in general.

Rosa K says:

Great treehouse!!!

Fernando Aries says:


Mona Woodland says:

Thanks and you're annoying

Chanti Chowdary says:

House exlent
Nice green

Elisha Heart says:

How could anyone not like this house?

Earth Abides says:

Joey you did a great job,beautiful spot to have a wonderful time.

Black Cat says:

He said you could do anything in the outdoor shower we know they fucked lmao, ALOT.

lisamarie111777 says:

Wow that is awesome!!!

BananaBread says:

Wow it would suck carrying groceries to the house xd

Mr. Fr0zak says:

Dope. Judging by the trees looks like that's in mountain view / volcano area? I'm building some forts now on puna side. On the ground place in construction, tree house next. Check it out on Instagram if you'd like! @fr0zak
The 0 is a zero. Glad you enjoyed the island.

aliciabrillante says:

That place looks amazing. Thanks for sharing.

Lawrence L. says:

Romance is a temporary, fleeting drug. or emotion.
It's just a quick matter of time before two people get annoyed and bored with each other…and resent and hate each other.

Marcello Oliveira says:

Very cool! 🙂

Alexie says:

why do you look like youre about to cry

Luiz Miranda says:

For ethical reasons, I will not make joking comments about Hawaii, because at the time of uploading this video Volcano was not awake. If someone is going to call me an idiot (or worse), please do not be so obvious, be at least subtle. In short, there is nothing that makes me return to Hawaii.

Bimbi says:

Wow that looks amazing.

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