My 42 ft high treehouse

My 42 ft high treehouse

My tree house provides a wonderful place to look out at the view and relax.



Quetzal T.V. says:

I was always fascinated with treehouses , I´m 51 years old now and building my first treehouse ever in an undesclosed location……it´s awsome! thanks for sharing.

Victor PONCE says:

beautiful tree house. Nice view

peregrinegrace says:

I lived in my tree house for 5 years
Mostly reading
I was young
It was ramshackle
Good years…

Random Stuff In Oregon says:

That looks very fun. My tree house is only 20 feet off the ground, but I still got an OK view.

Cristian Vera says:

Iwant to see more vídeos about you treehouse .

54321 12345 says:

I love your videos I hope that I get your age I'll be doing the same thing.

Mike Maxwell says:

awesome… thanks for sharing..

Brandon Conner says:

that's really Kool,peaceful I bet

xiAGC123 says:

but which presidential candidate do you support?

Thor2745 says:

Great to see that your doing well Paul…. Would be great to see a lot more videos you are very inspiring..

Tigar Tadara says:

nice but looks really unsecure

Sarah Marchuk says:

really nice. what a beautiful view. do you get to see a lot of birds up there?

hoschi tümmler says:

awesome! greetings from switzerland…

Bill Dempsey says:

Really cool

Vance Pituch II says:

"Look at this branch! It's so large!"

The Simple Life says:

Good job Paul ! I love tree houses. Even though I hurt my hip by falling out of a tree I was trying to build in.


EricVonGreatonstein says:

Sailing the sea of trees!

Nathan Harding says:

Thats an awesome tree house

Kevin Levu says:

My god this is amazing

davi200 says:

When I first started watching I was thinking "Seattle" or at least Washington State, then I heard Boeing and knew that I was close. Nice Tree house. Is it even secured to the branches? Not evident in the video.

PanamaVail says:

How about a camper minivan coroplast slide have Good stuff

arco horton says:

your just a big o kid like me! love your vids and inventions! SUBBED!!

Paul Elkins says:

Walkertongdee, You are absolutely right.

Walkertongdee says:

with tiny boats like yours rockin is not a good idea…..

Paul Elkins says:

People like Deek and I rock the boat. We're shakin peoples perceptions. Showing them a different way. These ideas scare those with limited imaginations, who live conformist lives. These are the worriers who yell "Don't rock the boat!" Fuck em.

Walkertongdee says:

I think you mean rock my world rocking the boat not a good thing unless you mean standing up for civil rights or in that way…

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