Tree House Building- Garnier Limb/Attachment techniques in a NY build….

Tree House Building- Garnier Limb/Attachment techniques in a NY build….

Check out Deek’s book “Microshelters” HERE-

Derek “Deek” Diedricksen (HGTV’s “Tiny House Builders” and “The Micromen”) shows us a rentable tree house in Argyle, NY. While a full tour is also available on this channel, Deek shows us the techniques the builder used to support such a large tree house/structure- Garnier Limbs, Knee Bracing, Fake-tree posts, and more!



Austin Martin says:

where's the tour video?!

Jen S says:

This looks amazing! What did you use for the roof?

Dana Nelson says:

Thanks for sharing. Have priced those hangers. They are best thing for the tree.

Eric Teitelbaum says:

Awesome video! Thanks for the shout out, and glad you liked the treehouse!

JuliansRandomProject says:

Deek! Thanks for the inspiration. With your book and videos I felt confident enough to tackle a playhouse in the backyard. Just uploaded a video on it. Keep it up, hope to make it out to one of your workshops. 🙂

Channel says:

Hi Deek, could you please include a link to the full tour video? Thx!

Bad Morty says:

I wish my yard had trees like that. There is a huge tree house near by though. I need to get some pictures of it.

Glenn Eggert says:

It would've been nice to see the inside.

choppersrule1 says:

now that is a cool place to stay in, Pete Nelson does some good work i have seen his shows on line as we dont get them where i live.
have a great day

MoBench25 says:

The Brackets supporting the back of the house going straight through the trees trunks !!! doesn't it kill the trees ?

Creedford says:

Where in argyle is this? I live like 15-20 minutes away

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