Tree House Project

Tree House Project

I am building a tree house for the kids.
here you can see pictures on the process



408valentina says:

Have you had any time to do further work on this?

Anne Kennison says:

Cool, I like how your starting to bring your family into your videos.

pHoEn|}{-GR says:

Very nice project, well built, it looks easy but is not. . amazing place for the kids… keep going Doc.

Susan Millard says:

You, Dr. O are making some awesome memories with your kids! Bravo for being a great Dad =) Thank you for showing this side of your life as well as the medical side. 

L. J.P. says:

Very nice…for's all needed cheering up..It'll surely bring your family some good memorie's that you's need,..May God continue his blessings to your family,..Lyn from Can………..

Kelli In Texas says:

Amazing job! Kids ♡ it already!! Great Dad making Memories!

408valentina says:

who designed it?  Are you following a plan, or using your creativity?

Nachos Mine says:

That's awesome! I used to want a tree house when I was a kid.

Joyce Joseph says:

Great doctor and great dad!!!!

MariLynn Moore says:

Your kids are so precious!  I hope your wife's health continues to improve.  Please do an update on her when you can.  God bless.  🙂

Dawn Kurtz says:

What fun! Makes me want to be a kid again! You are a great dad!

Green House Homestead says:

That's so nice! Especially next to the lake!

deborah mccorvey says:

Thats awesome an the kids are enjoying it  already cant wait to see the finished project !!!!!!!!  Great Job 

Diana King says:

The treehouse is going to be so awesome! They will have so much fun with it!!

BeautyOver40 xoxo says:

How fun!!! Well done doc!

Shaun Zmuda says:

Awesome to see you doing things with your family & guiding them through a difficult time in your guys' lives. Thoughts go out to you! You are one of my biggest role models!

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