Treehouse Building Series – #1 TABs and GLs

Treehouse Building Series – #1 TABs and GLs

There’s something about a treehouse that sparks within us a sense of adventure. Being in the trees, connected to nature in a way that only a treehouse can, it’s a delightful feeling that we can all relate to. Most children dream of having their own treehouse and if we’re honest many of us don’t outgrow that dream. Putting all the concepts and pieces together to build your own can be a daunting task. But thanks to the modern treehouse movement there’s never been a better time to build a treehouse. In this video series we’ll go through the most important elements of building a treehouse that’s safe for your family and the trees. From the hardware, to special techniques, and lessons learned, we’ll show you how to bring it all together to make your dream a reality!

Nelson Treehouse and Supply YouTube Channel

Treehouse parts from

Michael Garnier GL Install Video

Nelson Treehouse and Supply – What is a TAB–1Vg

Nelxon Treehouse and Supply TAB Install Tips



NelsonTreehouse says:

Awesome video Josh! Love the beard intro. This is so inspiring!

jeremiahwilson5 says:

By the way, thank you so much for these videos!

jeremiahwilson5 says:

Awsome Video, but why do you need a sliding bracket at the top of the yoke, wouldn't the free movement of the joists on the UMHW be enough? I have never built a treehouse before but am trying to figure the best and easiest way for me, which seems to be this video. Almost everything is pretty clear except for the UMHW.

ModernDayTech says:

Great video series!

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