Treehouse Secret Trap Door | 14 Wranglerstar

Treehouse Secret Trap Door | 14 Wranglerstar

How to build a treehouse

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Andy001z says:

Hi my tree house hatch is expanding causing it to stick any tips apart from cut it back more?

Rudolph Gutierrez says:

why didn't you put the hinges on the door frame and they would be hidden from the top.

Malte Chr says:

I love these vids. But as an European the crazy measurement make my head hurt, haha.

Alvin Al says:

Really don't care to be a winy sap here, but I kinda really don't like this "do as I say (not as I do)". My dad's said that numours times and it seems to be more of a hypocritical thing. If you're goin to be a proper roll model, then do it proper.

Cesar M. Gonzalez says:

great series! following along.. one thought..
a friend of mine had an accident at work for pulling the guard like that. i wish i had the pictures to post them. should not tell your son "not to do that" then do it in front of him. sends the opossite message.
but great videos thou! you got a new subscriber!!

Tom Legrady says:

I forget the source, but apparently it's only 1 1/2 inch of screw that holds.

Tom Legrady says:

Imagine if the trapdoor opened into the room, with something to stop it when it was upright ( or just a fraction past ). That way there would be only one danger zone, and you could have a swinging safety bar to cover that region, so it would be safe to leave the trapdoor open. Dunno if you want to retrofit that for Jack, but people building a treehouse for their kid might consider an alternative.

Karl Pira says:

Que boa dica amigo! Grato

metalfaced0om says:

if the front of the fence on your skilsaw is parallel to the end of the stock your cut will be square. framers trick, from the legend Larry Haun



ava32578 says:

hey wranglerstar,
would it support the weight if you used a wooden dowel instead of 2×4?

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