Treehouse TAB installation tips!

Treehouse TAB installation tips!

Daryl, expert Nelson Treehouse and Supply builder, gives us some inside tips on how to install a Standard Treehouse Attachment Bolt (TAB). Ask Pete Nelson yourself, it’s a must have for any Treehouse project.

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Maienduo Nava says:

Has anybody build a tree house on a whitebirch tree? I want to build a tree house on it and wonder if anyone out there have build on a whitebirch tree

buffeltje says:

hello, 3 questions:
I wonder why you control twice the angle while inserting the bolt, because I supose you cannot correct any more after having drilled with 1".
Drilling 1": doesn't it harm the growth of the pine?
And the suck of the pine: would it not harm the iron of the bolt?
(nice practical laser!)

Brock Delgato says:

What is the drill called that you are using to drill the hole in the tree?

Maurice Blok says:

And I really like your videos. Looking forward future projects!

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