Treehouse Windows & Walls | 17 Wranglerstar

Treehouse Windows & Walls | 17 Wranglerstar

How to build a treehouse.

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rodney adams says:

were find glass fite that? i cut plastic panels sell ace even cut for you but don't think sell that tall.

Dave Stäbler says:

Hi Cody may i ask you a question? what means Wranglerstar in english? Because i translate'd it at google and in dutch means Wrangler (ruziemaker) angrymaker ,Brawler ,Loudmouth and quarreller. What are your mean with Wrangler if i may ask? 🙂

Btw I Love your Vlogs. you give me enough good ideas for next spring when i go work in mine back and front yard! keep going on with your Vlogs> I love them.

Cheers from Dave
Groningen (The Netherlands)

Kevin Zoid says:

That's what I like about this channel. He srews up a bit like I do and keeps it on camera. But that's how we all learn, right?.

kekistani corpaoral of the 1488th battalion oof says:

Urinal cakes don't have sugar

Maker Jason says:

Its nice to see that your son thinks the world of you and yet be modest and truthful of what it really is. A good father and role model you are.

Patricia Turner says:

Can you say hi plz

Nolan Henry says:

My Little Pony videos of you and your son please it's so funny that you and your son or to make me laugh as hard as I can please Lego videos funny videos I love daddy videos

Richnflow says:

i know this video is old now but i got a tip for wood splitting nails ,turn the nail round and hit the sharp end a couple of times and it will almost cure the problem. if you already know this then ignore me lol

Simon Duquette says:

I feel like you are the dad I always wanted to have 🙂 Mine isn't really… doing anything for me. I wish he showed me how to do such things and do activities with me. For now, he's just playing stupid video games instead of spending time with me…

Mike Crile says:

You did a video on Wyeth Scott power puller please do one on Lug All hoists. Noticed one in treehouse. thanks.

thumperr909 says:

wonderful videos

Guy Fawkes says:

I can't live in a place that requires code, my freedom and liberty means too much to allow someone else to decide whatevers okay for me to do.

G Alex says:

this guy need a friend.the kid needs a hate my dad because is the a lot and do little

dario pierini says:

Super coaauoaol

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