17 DIY Woodworking Projects

17 DIY Woodworking Projects

Diy Creators – TOP 16 PROJECT OF 2017

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1. Wall mounted desk https://youtu.be/ppwiETfbuFM
2. DIY Concrete Lamp https://youtu.be/Kb9vXZfTYoA
3. $7 DIY Floating Shelf https://youtu.be/-PFr7DkvMGM
4. DIY Platform Bed https://youtu.be/CmBzCnCj2XY
5. DIY Chair with secret compartment https://youtu.be/1_H2Hgsty1w
6. key Holder https://youtu.be/mLhMdAszG9I
7. Planter https://youtu.be/mLhMdAszG9I
8. Sunglass Holder https://youtu.be/mLhMdAszG9I
9. Crosscut Jig https://youtu.be/USGLDKy78_Y
10. Diy Make-up Vanity https://youtu.be/KonWbqoeMQ0
11. My Sliding Barn Door https://youtu.be/eQEPQEE-RlM
12. Concrete and Wood Bench https://youtu.be/zD-lSfDSKn0
13. Table Top Firepit https://youtu.be/DwJpy48GZF0
14. DIY Contour LED https://youtu.be/UWhHA9J1FXU
16. Modern Desk Gaming Desk https://youtu.be/t9l9OGmlzCg
17. DIY Headphone Stand https://youtu.be/Js3xKwcuCp8

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DIY Creators says:

I want to say thanks to every one of you who watch my videos. There is no way I’d be able to do this without you. It’s been a great year. With excitement, I look forward to the New Year. Happy Holidays ☺

Shweta Patel says:

Wow really cool projects. Saw this video first and checked out the other individual videos. Had to come back and say you are a great instructor and have great ideas. Can't wait to do every project and see what else you come up with. Thanks!!

Mel Town says:

Так, кто пустил его в столярку? Тростник сахарный кто будет заготавливать?

Patrick Hutchison says:

Hey Glen…love your content and creativeness. Would like to buy a plan or two, but CANNOT find any way to do that…

George Frattarelli says:

I'm glad I just found your channel tonight! 2018 will be my year to learn and I'm starting with your tool lost and jigs. I got your plans for the multiple tool table and will build that this weekend. I can't wait to see what you have coming soon! Keep on keeping on!!



ابو حمود المطيري says:

I hope to do this

Thanks for working

Thabo Seema says:

You've just scored yourself a new subscriber all the way from South Africa………you are the best

Daniel Reis says:

I’m loving all these projects,.. I’m buying a house soon and after that I’m going to start making some of these. Thank you for all the videos

daniel ramirez says:

Awesome work, dude!

Mauricio Millar Ortega says:

why do not you try to do a loft bed there are not many videos about that since you give them a special touch and better explained, keep it that way

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