Recently I was challenged to making 5 reclaimed projects out of pallet wood. this project really got my brain thinking. Check out what i came up with for this DIY tutorial vlog.

One Man’s trash is another man’s treasure
Great woodworking project ideas for home decor




Carley Olive says:

This guys background music is lit

Fabian Castro says:

Love the music, great video!

David Gomez says:

Dude I'm sorry to say but the music on your video really sucks. It's freaking annoying. But other than that your projects are coming out pretty good. Just next time do it with the lame music.

Travis Carter says:

Great video for anyone that loves nice woodwork… For more ideas, try checking out these 16,000 woodworking project ideas! https://tinyurl.com/ychb6auh

theboywholived2 says:

Cool video love your work, but if you wanna see wet grey days try living in the UK! P.s we get more rain then you! Keep up the cool work love it!

Aussie Manhole says:

Love that herringbone display.

Kelly Sanders says:

TopFineWoodworking. Com is an amazing book about wood working. I took several classes and completed a one year diploma in carpentry at a local tech college; this is better than any book I worked out of during those courses. It includes useful photos and goes over almost everything.

dale kroll says:

Some nice stuff

patrick mcglone says:

Your glue overhead must be off the charts lol.. anyway GREAT video and nice Job. Consider me a subscriber. 2 THUMBS UP. By the way, where did you get the tablesaw push stick?

Jason Powell says:

Excellent ideas, love the music to

Bork The Swedish Chef says:

Dark day? Bitch try to live in sweden.. i have not seen the fucking sun in half a year..

Rick Evans says:

Hey Mr. Buildit.
Liked the vid.
You think Seattle is grey and wet, you should try living in Vancouver BC.
Saw never stops in my garage.
Ricky Dean.

Todd Breeze says:

Hi Mr. Buildit,
I’m new to woodworking although I have always had a fascination for doing it, I’ve never really had an opportunity to be able to get my hands on all the equipment necessary for it. Well, a few years ago my dad passed away 😢 and he left all his woodworking tools and equipment to me. I have moved it all from PA to where I live in NY and I’m now ready to get started.
I have gathered some pallets as they are a good source of free wood to practice on. My question is if I plane and sand these down would gluing them together work to give me a decent price of wood to make some practice pieces out of?

oneil laura says:

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benjamin maldonado says:

will be using the step stool idea…love the music bro

whysoSerious 1340 says:

Man I love the music…nice video

ALLxoxoxoxo says:

I made the Chevron king size headboard like Bob "I Like To Make Stuff" did. Lots of points from that one. 😉

Clint Edwards says:

I thank you for your video it WA very helpful.

Uğur KÖKTAŞ says:

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Christian Fraude says:

u wastee wood n ur reparty is dizmil

Skee 505 says:

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vernielove16 says:

Great ideas and the background music is amazing!!!

Brooklyn Warren says:

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Slimmy Hendrix says:

Who else is still jamming this in 2017?

Simon Jack says:

If you ever have scraps of the pallet wood which you have no use for you can actually make Bio-char from it and crush it up finely and mix it through your garden or throw it all over your lawn ☺
No waste left at all then and you'll have a very healthy garden and lawn😊

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