Build a DIY Wooden Bluetooth Speaker – Fun Woodworking Project

Build a DIY Wooden Bluetooth Speaker – Fun Woodworking Project

I made this Custom Bluetooth Speaker from walnut and maple using a Bluetooth Speaker kit from This is a fun woodworking project that is great for getting anyone with a mobile phone interested in woodworking. They also make great gifts!

Get the Plans from my website:

Get the Kit here:–300-7306

Optional 1″ Port Tubes (Order 2):–260-470

Optional Amplifier Knob:—amplifier-knob-silver–240-2206

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Sapele Steve says:

Terrific job Steve! Very nice for a small speaker. What is the wattage of that speaker? Also, could you have also hooked a battery along with the electrical input so that it could be used both ways (mobile & stationary)? Just curious. Finally, I am assuming that the speaker could also be used with a Lap Top Computer as the sound source. Love that Maple & Walnut combo, two of my favorite woods……. Thanks for the source info as well………… 🙂

Mike Fulton says:

Never knew that about the diagram on those power adapters great tip

Fred McIntyre says:

Awesome work Steve! 👍👊

Summers Woodworking says:

Awesome speaker box dude!!!!

Shane's Hobby Shop says:

Great job. I love it. Gonna have to add this to my "To Do List"

Frankie's CNC & Woodworking channel says:

nice work man

Dave Rowe says:

This is fantastic – nice retro look with modern technology- yes it would be a great gift and addition to a work shop

Made by Magnus says:

Really great looking speaker! Smart thing you did there when cutting the strips all at once, I will try to remember that! 👍

I Enjoy Creating Videos says:

Great project Steve! That looks really nice' Thanks for sharing the video with us.👍😎JP

Barry Roberts says:

Nice build Steve it looks great, well done.
Barry (ENG)


That's fantastic steve I love it thanks for sharing your work 👍

Tom Bickford says:

Interesting that the bass ports are in the front, most Bluetooth speakers have them in the back. Very cool project!

Justin Depew says:

Killer speaker! Nice video Steve

Kathleen Orce says:

Great project, Steve! Thanks!

StudioJLT says:

That came out great!

Lucas Hartmann says:

The trick to cut the 3 maple pieces was interesting, and you didn't even mention it. Cool project.

bj sims says:

Two thumbs up on that one Steve. Great choice of wood.

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