DIY Geometric Wood Burned Wall Art | How To Shou Sugi Ban

DIY Geometric Wood Burned Wall Art | How To Shou Sugi Ban

In this video, I show you how I made a geometric wood art piece with an ombre effect using wood burning techniques!

This project is sponsored by Bernzomatic.

Link to step-by-step instructions, cut list, & free plans:

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Animation: Robert Raimondi
Music: It just makes me happy by Dj Quads……

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Looks fucking amazing. Great job man

NOFO Design Co. says:

Love the hombre effect, it looks awesome!

MoparMan71 says:


Vixi Silentium says:

Great work and design, can't stop watching your videos 🙂

M W says:

Is it ok to use pressure treated? The wood lath bundles near me, all day they’re pressure treated. I’ve always avoided them for that reason, but I struggle to find thin pieces like that!!

Ray Smith says:

Thank you for this video I have seen a few of these on Instagram and wondered how they were done as I want to have a go. A question what is the thickness of the plywood backing sheet you have used. 😀👍

patti burchwell says:

Another amazing tutorial!! Love this project ❤️

what's up :} says:

Turned out amazing! Great work 👍. Any recommendations on what grit sandpaper to use?

Jennie and Davis says:

How did we miss this video!?! Holy snot, great work, Sam!

DIYDanielle says:

That is STUNNING. Absolutely fantastic. Those woodburners look neat too. I've seen some neat projects that use them.

Jacky Blisson says:

Awesome piece of art. Very cool.

Southern Style DIY says:

That looks absolutely amazing! Love the gradient burning combined with paint!

Poor Man's DIY says:

We are proud "Dorks" too and enjoyed this build. Very creative. nice job as always.

Brothers Make says:

Such a cool idea! Literally want to make this exact same thing!

Paul Avesaath says:

Hell yeah! I am so going to make this! Hope you don't mind me copying this to the letter!

Alvin Gonzalez says:

Beautiful job my friend, thanks for share your talent….!

Bruce A. Ulrich says:

That thing looks fantastic! Love the different colors you were able to achieve just from burning the wood.

Andrew Miguelez says:

Ok, you win. I'll go buy more propane…

Hey I'm a Maker says:

That looks amazing!

dale jones says:

Hi Sam. Always enjoy seeing one of your videos available. You have to have probably the cleanest pretty shop I have ever seen. I noticed the basket holding scraps in one of your past videos. Great job. Thanks for sharing

Robert Evans says:

Yes and a cold front just came in last night…leave it to Sam to light a fire up…lol…looks great,seen it done before but you do it better 😍….

Christofix - DIY Projects says:

This is realy beautiful, the different collors of the wood are great. Well done and awsome idea!

Just Build It Canada says:

😎This projects got me all fired🔥 up I got to go light another project on fire. LoL 🙌 shoshugibon 🙌

Hans de Groot says:

Wow, that's an amazing job. Thanks for sharing this layering burning technique. I've never seen that before. (maybe it was shown in some videos by other people but they did not tell it that way). Happy Easter!

CCS and Sons Workshop says:

Turned out beautiful! I really love these geometric types of wood art. Keep it up!

Mike The Maker says:

Don’t go to your hairdresser and ask her for an ombré with fire 🔥.

Prakash Gudimetla Gudimetla Prakash says:

Good video super 👍👌 NYC work

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