DIY: How To Build A Fence (BYOT #12)

DIY: How To Build A Fence (BYOT #12)

This DIY project is all about how to build a fence. With the right tools you can turn a ugly fence into a beautiful new cedar fence that will last for years to come. Bring Your Own Tools (Episode #12).

-(Qty: 6) 4″x4″x10′ Pressure Treated
-(Qty: 100) 1″x6″x8′ Cedar Plank
-(Qty: 2) 2″x10″x10′ Pressure Treated
-(Qty: 2) 2″x4″x8′ Pressure Treated
-(Qty: 7) 2″x6″x10′ Pressure Treated
-2″ Exterior Screws
-Rustoleum Pray Paint
-Wood Preservative
-6″ Carrage Bolts
-Homax EasyGate

-Table Saw
-Chalk Line
-Drill Bits
-Measuring Tape
-Speed Square
-Milwaukee Drills
-Recipricating Saw
-Circular Saw
-Chop Saw

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Fawn Comix says:

I agree with Jim. After 30 years of home remodeling Iโ€™ve always removed the old post.

I am Alpha says:

7:08 to 7:10 why you got dark blue rags covering the wood fence floor!!???

tony69em says:

My neck and nerve damage made me excited when I first read the title of this video. After a few seconds of watching it though, I'm thinking that if ya gonna use that tool to pound the posts down then ya might as well dig. I see your point, ( and it's a good one) but not for someone like me. I didn't like that tool when I was 15 and I damn sure don't like it now that I'm 50!๐Ÿ’€. Not really so much because of my age though… Because of my injuries. Do ya have any other ideas for an even easier way that won't use so much neck muscle? ๐Ÿ™โ˜บ

A Parasaa says:

Great video helps with my diy project ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

dan hoy says:

Great job showing people they need to re treat the cuts! Iโ€™ve seen many of landscape lumber rotted out at the cut ends!

Jek says:

Can I use wood pallete? And what should I need to do to make it last longer, like rain and termites? Sorry for the noob questions. Thanks! Beautiful fence by the way.

Genus - Below Family but Above Species - Genus says:

Lol. Youโ€™re cute as hell, your fence is related to mine … for now. Lol

Marshall R says:

Where can I find the video on fixing all the problems? I know that a few weeks later you had to fix things.

Lori Neid says:

I watch this because I wanted to see how the grass is doing, looks great ๐Ÿ˜‰ nice fence too โฃ

Scott _____ says:

I have an existing 4 ft chain link fence. I want a 7 or 8 ft high wood privacy fence. Would you suggest using the existing metal fence posts to attach the 8ft high wood posts? or dig out the metal posts?

Michael Mendez says:

Why not give the door a top cap?

jakk1974 says:

Nicely done

Robbie Tullos says:

Awesome. Thank you

dogo argentino says:

I have two dogo argentinos dogs this fence will hold this dogs? Good work.

YJ Toys & Games says:

Iโ€™m sawssin sawssin

Maxime Gagnon says:

I would like to thank the guy in this video. it inspired me to build this exact fence at my house exactly the same way. I have pictures I can share.

zakssophie says:

Awesome video. I just build my fence ( by myself) on a 4×4 pressure treated wood post. Like everyone says, plan, measure 100 times, and cut once. But hey, awesome video, simple and straightforward.

Martin Godinez says:

I really wanted to see the other side too..

Vaso Midelashvili says:

Great tutorial. Thanks a lot

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