DIY | How to make 2 tables for $20.00 | Living room end tables

DIY | How to make 2 tables for $20.00 | Living room end tables

How to make 2 tables for $20,00. Living room end tables. So here’s the background, My wife changed our living room around and we moved our big end tables out of the room. We needed two small tables to fit beside the recliner in a small space. Well, we looked everywhere trying to find some small tables she liked……and we never did. So my wifey told me what she wanted. She wanted a rustic style table with a thick table top. So here is an easy do it yourself project. (DIY)

The tables are made from (1) 2x12x12 untreated board, bought from our local store. I already had the stain, paint, and screws in my shop. The single board cost me around $18.96.

Tools used were:
12″ Sliding Miter Saw
Table Saw
Kreg Jig
Tape Measure
2 1/2 inch pocket hole screws
Kreg plugs

It took around 4 hours to build start to finish…..minus the stain/paint drying time!

They turned out pretty decent and she likes them…..Hey, That’s all that really matters!!!



theDREAMlab says:

Conceptually helpful video for sure. Any advice for a low-tech space with no power tools?

Bobby Gardner says:

nice nice nice!!! great job !

Shandra9000mail says:

Great Job 😎

Christ Julius says:

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Romelia Darosa says:

Try to make it with woodprix plans πŸ™‚

Cordelia Blakeslee says:

I check a lot of woodworking handbooks. These one from woodprix are the best.

Steph S says:

what is that blue object called you used to prep drill the holes with?

Patrick Renschler says:

it's hard to follow this video because of the audio. I have to turn the volume up to hear you, but then when the music starts it's super loud.

Taras Kobets says:

I made it by myself. I used woodprix woodworking plans for that.

Susan Hernandez says:

Can you make 2 for me please I love them

Luvenia Waiters says:

I'm sure you can find awesome woodworking plans on woodprix website

*ATLAS* says:

What stain did you use?

Borys Fomichev says:

Mine works too. I used woodprix plans and build it without any problems.

Mubadda Gammoh says:

Lovely southern accent

Vasya Yatsenko says:

I'm sure you can find awesome woodworking plans on woodprix website

Goggie 1989 says:

you have the worst tools …. buy better tools you will have more fun ahahah nice video tho i liked it

Matt S says:

that fucking music, can hardly hear you talking and suddently the music is on a full blast

Darnell Sproul says:

Try to make it with wood prix plans πŸ™‚

Seascorp Scorpio says:

Nice work….Wish I know how to do it:)P

Joel.Esquibel85 says:

The title says for $20, but not everyone has stain, paint, and screws like you, so this is false advertising! Plus, I can’t hear a word you say! Talk louder!!! πŸ—£

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