DIY Stackable Salt Cellar // Easy Woodworking Project // No Lathe // Scrap Wood Project

DIY Stackable Salt Cellar // Easy Woodworking Project // No Lathe // Scrap Wood Project

I purchased a Marble Stackable Salt Cellar a while back and thought it would be a fun project to recreate with wood. It was really simple to do using scrap wood and some basic tools!

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animationcreations42 says:

The only thing this is missing is some drawers

Ed Kramer says:

So very cool Tamar. Rocking it as always. 👍👍

dale jones says:

Great project Tamar. Especially with Christmas around the corner.

WhoDatBe Dare says:

Nice project. Well done.

Sweet Aloha Designs says:

Yes!! I'm definitely going to make some of these! Great idea!

Guiturtle Wood says:

These are brilliant! Loving your videos/projects!

Chipped Builds says:

Very cool. Love how that turned out.

Splinters & Cuts says:

As always a super creative way to make this with limited tools. But I actually had to google what a salt cellar is. 🙈

Richard Rider says:

"Without having the best tools?" OMG,(still green) anyway, you have some great ideas…cheers…rr Normandy

Silver Grizzly says:

Love your neat builds Tamar! You keep up the great work sweetness. 👍👍. ♧Jay♧.

Tom P says:

Nicely done and thanks for a couple of great tricks you used while making them.

Brian Prusa says:

Great quick project. Looks like fun to make.

derfinsterling says:

… But what is a salt cellar?

Limbert Pereyra Villacorta says:

Fácil y elegante, muchas gracias por compartir tus ideas y proyectos.
Abrazos fuertes

Jens Schumann says:

Super tolle Idee und leicht ausführbar.

Alex Works says:

Cool! One idea to make holes easier would be to drill forstner hole first to cut inside and switch to hole saw and cut outer diameter without moving the piece on drill press.

ToolBox Divas says:

This is amazing! I want to make this now. Thank you for this!

константин фирсов says:

Waste in income)))

Samuel Miller says:

I am just over here trying to figure out what a salt cellar is.

Southern Style DIY says:

Really cool project! They look amazing! The "quick change" part of your hole saw was cool too

michele vitarelli says:

Great project and video. Thanks for sharing.

Kathleen Orce says:

Tamar, the Salt Cellar you made looks way nicer than the original! Nice work!! 🙂

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