How to Build a Burnt Wood American Flag #Merica

How to Build a Burnt Wood American Flag #Merica

On this episode I build a DIY rustic burnt wood American flag. This is a step by step video on how to build a wood American flag. It was a pretty straight forward build. Took me a day and a half to build (and that was only because I had to let the stain dry!).

You only need 3 8 ft. 1X8s and a couple of furring strips.

Flag Dimension Calculator:
Union Stencil:
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John Builds it:

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Table Saw –
Bessie Clamps –
Rockler Clamps –
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Dremel Plunge Router Attachement –
Spiral Dremel Bit –
Burr Bit –
Dremel Dust Blower –
Dremel Flex Shaft Attachement –
Nail Gun –

Sunbleached –
Blue (Island Water – big box store can tint for you) –
Red (Scarlet – big box store can tint for you) –
Spray Lacquer:


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KC says:

got any ideas on a Rebel Flag ?

Daniel Deutschle says:

10 seconds in…, thumbs up!

RedBeardMLG says:

I'd really love to purchase one of these from you

Ron Cook says:

You burned in after staining and assembly. Is there a drawback or disadvantage to burning, staining and then assembly? Or just personal preference? Great job, great video!

Chris Landry says:

What size stencil did you use for that flag?

Chris Fregia says:

This dude is a whole other level of "Dad." LOL! Great video.

BBN Scratcher says:

I make these often but for some reason YouTube suggested I watch this. This was awesome!! Now jumped on board your channel

Lane McCullough says:

Amazing flag dad. So glad I found this channel!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 TRUMP 2020

Michael Goodwin says:

Awesome build bud

truth h says:

Have u ever tried gel stain? Works with tape. Might not need the razor blades

Joshua Burgess says:

How long do you let the stain sit on before wiping the excess off?

Shannon Fowler says:

I love this flag, looks fantastically rustic but still clean. Great job!

Tyrone Pelfrey says:

Use clamps to put stop block instead of screws. Save your table.

RobsVette01 says:

Nice work. Use the flex shaft only for the stars next time, they will come out much more crisp and defined.

Dennis says:

That flag looks bad ass!!! Real nice job.

110% America Loving PATRIOT says:

Son you gotta panty on your head😜

Helen Gomes says:

Thank you so much for including the calculator. I don't own a saw so I need to measure everything out for big box store to cut lol. Guess I should invest in at least a circular saw.

Lou dog77 says:

Awesome video! Love your sense of humor and final product always comes out amazing! Keep up the good work!

Dapper Rogue says:

really nice build I like the idea.

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