How To Build A Simple DIY TV Stand With Only One Saw!

How To Build A Simple DIY TV Stand With Only One Saw!

How to build a DIY TV Stand, Media Console, TV Console…whatever :

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On this episode I show how to build a simple DIY Mid Century Modern TV Stand. I made all of the cuts with the Kreg Adaptive Cutting System. This was my first time using it, so I wanted to design something that would really let me test out a number of features. The entire project can be built out of 1 sheet of 3/4″ plywood and about a 1/2 sheet of 1/4″ plywood

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Music by Chris Jon Johnson. Check him out on under the name “Sleepy Pablo”.
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efrafawarren says:

Would you ever consider making a tabletop gaming table? I feel like there aren't very many good videos of that sort of thing at all.

Mark Nahabedian says:

Chris, can you comment on how clean the cuts were? That tends to be a focus if track saw reviews.


Nuno Silva says:

It was a very nice video but a bit on the commercial side.
Some details of the build could be better. They're practical solutions but without the elegance of your build philosophy.
But, again, a very nice video.

gothops154 says:

Thumbs down for the clickbait title

Marcelo Owczarek De Sa says:

Seus trabalhos são FANTÁSTICOS, eu os acompanho aqui no YOUTUBE e fico impressionado com os detalhes, o cuidado, o bom trabalho que vc faz !!!

smahalko says:

Congrats on the Kreg partnership. Look forward to seeing a video from you showing mistakes to AVOID with the pocket hole jig.

Walkers Woodworks says:

Seems like it's very useful. Sounds like a great tool to start off with for sure. Could be great to take on installs as well.

Rabonour says:

This thing is so cool. Not cheap, but it seems like a great solution for someone who wants a simple-but-versatile introduction to woodworking.

StanCrafted says:

I like it, Chris, I like it a lot. Need to build something like that for my television.

The Loobis says:

3:10 Oh, pocket holes. Another thing people won't have.

The Loobis says:

Well, now everyone is going to need that thing they probably don't have.

balisticsquirel says:

Very nice. Now what's the damn Modern Maker Podcast challenge already!? 🙂

d mg says:

Is its track compatible with your TS55? that will make it even more appealing to some of us.

ebenezer scrooge says:

can you please not talk with an upwards inflection at the end of every sentence? it's annoying you moron

Andrew McQuillen says:

Lovely video Chris, your animations are insane, the Kreg ACS looks a good product.

mixedgas2 says:

Why no edge banding?

Vladimir Pronyashin says:

Молодец. Каким бы не был хорошим Kreg но система у него дюймовая и пила на 120 вольт, что во многих странах мира это не актуально

Ryan Kelly says:

Another great video Chris! It looks like a great product from Kreg, but they really missed the mark NOT making it adaptable with Festool. They could’ve picked up a lot of customers who have track saws, but don’t wanna pay for the MFT table.

Сергей Светлов says:

Nice stand!

Achbah Musta says:

Hello plz man i just wanna ask you what do you use for your animation drawing what software thanks in advance love your work by the way very very nice creative ideas

Luke Wirges says:

Chris you are my favourite youtuber! Your voice is so soothing and I really appreciate the way you explain but speed through things. I cherish every time I see you have made a new video

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