How to Flatten Wood Slabs | Woodworking | DIY Project | Live Edge

How to Flatten Wood Slabs | Woodworking | DIY Project | Live Edge

How to flatten wood slabs with this simple yet effective router sled

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YouCanMakeThisToo says:

Good looking jig, way less janky than mine!

Jordan woodworking says:

I need one of those

Tharemy Hopkins says:

Great sled and good idea lowering it with the blocks 👍

PhunKiss Artistic Creations says:

Great design for the sled, and another great video! We really like the conversational quality of your videos, it makes them so personal. Your explanations are always simple and direct and so useful. Thanks for sharing!

The Muz Shop says:

Nicely done Chris!! Those slabs are awesome and your design looks like it works perfect. Will it be able to trim that beard when it gets longer…..😂🤣👍👍

slayerhawk1972 says:

Nice job Chris.

Kortt Wulfe says:

Like the adjustability, I gotta make me one!

Craig North says:

I am so getting a slab and making a desk for myself as well. Curious what are you gonna use for legs?

Bill at Yellowdog Welding says:

Tucked into the mind library. Great idea, thank you!

Jake H says:

Awesome project.

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