How to make a boat shelf from reclaimed pallet wood

How to make a boat shelf from reclaimed pallet wood

A design I came up with one day when a customer asked me for a boat shelf from reclaimed wood. I’ve been selling these for $50+ each for the last couple years and they only take an hour to make! Great for beginner woodworkers or someone who likes DIY projects!



Mohammed Sattar says:

عاشت ايدك يالذيب

Dakota Powell says:

I find this woodworking book “pepe amazing plan” (Google it) great for me. A few of the topics reviewed in the book include woodworking strategies, explanation on the growth cycles of trees, and different lumber characteristics that carpenters favor. I also provided my father another copy.

Vadym Shatov says:

This time I'll use woodprix instructions to make it myself 🙂

Borys Kerchu says:

It's simple, Just go to woodprix page – and enter the Wooden World.

Egor Savchenko says:

I know that you can get solutions for that on woodprix website. just google 'woodprix' :)))

capnbobretired says:

I must have watched this video 30 times. I finally finished my first boat bookshelf. My wood was a little more weathered than yours which caused me some problems, but I am pleased with your design, and the end product. I have painted my first one in bright colors on the outside (gunwhale, sides, stern and bottom) and I have left the wood inside as natural–I alternated dark weathered with light rough sawn blond. I did use some finished boards I had been saving for another project for the shelves. Thanks for posting the video. You inspired me and your tip on the carbide saw blade in a reciprocating saw was spot on!.

Chris Denney says:

I make these and planters from pallet wood during the winter. They sell like crazy during the spring. great job!

Jason Leigh says:

Cutting through the nails, never thought of that, what blades did you use

Jessica McGaughy says:

I love watching you work, it's like watching my grandfather work in his shop. The attentiveness to your craft and how comfortable you are with the tools, it's truly amazing. I'm at the very beginning of woodworking and just finished my first table (that wasn't crooked, lol) and I think I'm going to give this a go! Thank you for taking the time to put together this video

Maribel Gonzalez says:

the amazing thing I ever ever saw

Emily Farias says:

How do I order one?

Jayden Redd says:

I am in the retirement period of my life. I perform a bit of cabinetry, produce musical instruments, and carry out woodturning in my little shop. I possess a shelf loaded with woodworking books – but I discovered this woodworking guide, “pepe amazing plan” (Google it). It`s the most detailed book I`ve come across. It has good coverage on every subject matter.

jeffrey robert says:

Absolutely awesome can't wait to try

Airborne Alltheway says:

I like the way you have explained the method, its to the point and direct…great tutorial!!!

creagree says:

very nice work, I admire also your tools..thanks

sunshinelisa25 says:

Awesome video! Thank you for taking the time to build this on video! That turned out really nice!!

Thomas NorthCastle says:

Great project. I must say that you have WAY to much blade above you wood thickness. 1/8inch is enough to prevent an accident.

Parmkat says:

Great job! looks absolutely great 🙂

Edgar Ceja says:

where do we buy them ?

Megan May says:

Best instruction video ever. Right down to business.

Travis Brooks says:

it's Kool I want to make 1.. u get ur nail gun from harbor freight lol.. I got sum 1

Cindy Seger says:

can you tell me what is the best resipcating saw to use. and what blades. i love your power tool set up. And I love your videos! I have been doing a ton of projects and switching out tools Im not using as much. so I know I dont want my scroll saw. what saw are you using to cut the smaller peices? ban saw? i need to go buy one of those and the table saw seems more what need! Do you have a website to write you questions on by chance?

mascottie says:

Where are you located? I've been seeing these where I am lately.

Phillip Vitali says:

working on a saw with gloves isn't really safe….

Edgar Ceja says:

i need the measurements to make them for my school project , thanks

Luis Tarner says:

Now here’s a strategy I hadn’t thought of. I recommend to google Hyezmar’s book, while it’s available. You can find many plans, but none like this, thanks!

Doyle Metzinger says:

I just love your project. On WoodPrix I've found great wood instructions to make it too 🙂

jason wade says:

ride on bro this was a fun little project. I watched your video a couple times and went out to my garage and made a few of these. thanks for the idea and for explaining it in a very understanding way.

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