How to Make a Wood Wastebasket Bin // Woodworking Project

How to Make a Wood Wastebasket Bin // Woodworking Project

How to make a wooden trash can rubbish bin. Easy woodworking project that simplifies working with angles.
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Hardwood from Kencraft:

Get the plans for the wastebasket here:

Planer: Planer:
Brass Set-up Bars:
Yellow Push Block:
Contact Cement:
Yellow Magnet Stop:
Double Sided Tape:
Sliding T-Bevel:
Painters Tape:
Large Bandsaw:
Random Orbit Sander:
Disc Sander:
Flush Trim Saw:
Small Bandsaw:
Simple Finish:

Picture Frame Sled:
Spline Jig:

Music by Me:
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Fergus Neff says:

REM's Murmur album on the screen behind you – great workshop listening!!

MikeMT29 says:

David, Do you make all your on music featured in video's ?

Justin Limoges says:

Great work David. Better proportion and overall look than the inspiration piece!

David Baz III says:

Been following you for a little while now and just found out you're in Toledo. That's where I'm from! Both named David & both like woodworking, what else do we have in common! Great videos!

StudioJLT says:

We’ve been so good, and we were rewarded! The sanding part was great! (Said no commenter ever – until now)

Bill Diehl says:

So I’m watching this video and my girlfriend, oops – now fiancé – is watching over my shoulder. Long story short, I’m ordering the plans. Thanks again, David, for taking what seemed an intimidating project and turning it into something that I believe I can make!

Brad Kelly says:

Love the videos David, but how many red shirts do you own lol? Is the shirt jus for videos? Don’t know if I’m missing something just notice you have a Red shirt on everyone now 😂😂!! It’s totally cool tho cuz you the man brotha…

Cammie's Garage says:

What a waste (basket.) 😉 Nicely done.

Very Good Boy says:

I appreciate you not spending so long on the milling process

Ticky66MN says:

Love it David!

The Northland Workshop says:

I might have a problem but I hum “sand in the place where you live” when I’m sanding… Great video by the way!

Eric Kelley says:

Satisfaction guaranteed, or double your rubbish back!!

X3 Workshop Designs says:

DAVID F*&KING PICCIUTO!! What have you bin up to my man?!!! Awesome build. I really love the angles and chamfer aesthetics. I'm running low on razors so I'll definitely use your link to reorder mine. Thanks DP!

Ryan Hendricks says:

That's a handsome receptacle!

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