How to Make Copper and Wood Wedding Rings

How to Make Copper and Wood Wedding Rings

Simple DIY project making wedding rings out of copper and wood.

Hardwood from Kencraft:

Copper Tube:
Pipe Cutter:
Butane Torch:
Ring Stretcher:
Drum Sander:
Hand Plane:
Medium CA Glue:
Thin CA Glue:
Belt Sander:
Turning Tools:
Copper Protector:

Tempest Rings:
Patrick Adair Designs:

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Year 3 Rings:
Year 2 Rings:
Year 1 Rings:

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J Lathem says:

Another cool anniversary ring project. Seen a couple now and I think it's an awesome idea you guys have. Thanks for sharing it with us.

James Foskey says:

I love how you made this a tradition. I always look forward to seeing what you do next. It's easy for me to remember because yours is the same week that my wife and I is. Great project and happy anniversary.

Figments Made says:

These are beautiful! And that is such a cool idea to use the plane shavings! Happy Anniversary!


You’re like a freaking hand model…I’m a little creeped, but I kept watching 😝

Kenny Quast says:

Congratulations. When I started following this channel it was right around the time you made your last rings. Can’t believe it’s been a year. You’ve entertained us so we’ll the time is just flying 😄

X3 Workshop Designs says:

Hell yeah! Picciuto does it again! Awesome work my man. You shouldn't have to worry about kelly divorcing you as long as she's happy.

inquisit99 says:

First off, these are my favorite rings I've watched you make. The others are cool, but I just like these best. Secondly, as constructively as possible, I'm not feelin that camera view where you attach the wood to the copper. I couldn't watch what you were doing with your hands, I kept staring at your face for some reason. Not that your face is bad. Hope this didn't come off as a jerk. Keep up the good stuff.

Jeff Jones says:

Happy Anniversary! That is such a cool idea and tradition. Wish I could have come up with something like that 33 years ago.

MrDvaz says:

you are the best…quick,specific….detailed….keep up the good work…thank you!!!

Marc Eaton says:

That was a very cool ring build David. Ring stretcher, now if only we could find a board stretcher?

brainfornothing says:

Thanks for sharing and Happy Anniversary !

Colin W says:

I love the copper inlay idea, I made a ring out of 3/8" multi Layer ply using a small size hole cutter and then drilling out the center to about the right size, it took a lot of sanding to get it to look good and feel nice on the finger. To finish it off i soaked it an some plasticize liquid over night so it could soak right into the wood then i polished it with candle wax. still wear it to this day.
I will try this idea as it looks to be way less work.

Fred McIntyre says:

Nicely done David! 👍👊

Chad Wilderdyke says:

David that is absolutely awesome! I love it and I've had people asking me about making wood rings for them. This is great! I'll be getting that ring stretcher and make sure to get it off your link. Thanks again!

Jonathan Wills says:

These were probably my favorite rings you’ve made! Congrats on 4 years of wedded bliss!

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