How to make custom inlay for your woodworking projects. Ooh…fancy!

How to make custom inlay for your woodworking projects. Ooh…fancy!

Inlay is a simple way to make any woodworking project look extra fancy! Looking for a meaningful, productive hobby? Learn how to get started woodworking and set up shop for less than $1000. Download my FREE GUIDE ►

Tools in this video:
Microjig GRR-RIPPER►
Kreg Featherboards►


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Marcelo Freitas says:

Hi, Steve. In fact, marquetry gives a very beautiful appearance. It seems to require a lot of precision to perform, in addition to skill. Thank you so much for sharing this video and have a great week.

John Garoni says:

Great video sir!

josu says:

The ridgid tablesaw aint available in my country. Which one should I get then?

Daniel Niedziocha says:

Check out the Accu-Slice for resawing wood to use as the inlay.

Nathan Xaxson says:

Great tutorial. Thanks!

Woodprobie says:

Another skill to add to all you have taught me. Friends ask me why all my shop projects have interesting little things like this new one… I simply reply: "Because I like to show what Steve Ramsey has taught me!" Thanks SO much for keeping my WoodShop my favorite "dust-maker!"

havabeer1 says:

that brown paper roll in the work bench idea. mind = blown

Bryan Hunter says:

My preferred method for sneaking up on a perfect fit is to use the planer instead of the table saw.

Then you can easily end up wide board of perfect width for your channel/groove.

For those of us “mere mortals” with lower end table saws, the wobble and imperfection in the saw is a lot more noticeable than in the planer. Typically other than the snipe at the ends you can be pretty sure that anything coming out of the planer will be perfectly uniform with no gaps.

Alex Cahill says:

Ps french canadien
Have you tink
Using a ossiling tool to cut it flush
Or a japonise saw , with a litel shim ( masking tape 3 layer maby
Or plastick from packing )

Insted of the table saw
And resaw (6:39)
Toes peace of wood

And after cuting with occiling tool or japonise saw
Finising with sanding
Cause your idee of filling smale hole si verry good 😉😆

I prefere using those tool (ossling tool &japonise saw ) insted of table saw
Feal mose safer for me
Pps i use the ossiling tool
To cut the smale strip dose i don't like on my cabinet cause the are a nusante 😣

Dave Kerns says:

Another great video, Steve, but I have to ask, "Does the phrase 'eyes and ears' mean anything? I''m not complaining.

John Clark says:

Woodworking Curious! Trans-lumber?

Just Sayin' says:

Damn how long has Steve had that “Steal yo girl” haircut?!?😂

martylts says:

Great video and tips, even for a veteran woodworker!

Richard Rider says:

Thanks…cheers…rr Normandy, France

Nolan Gaudreau says:

Dude, your hair is fire!

The Daniel Dutton says:

Classic Steve with the spray lacquer

Sonja Johnson says:

You make it all look way too easy but that's actually really heartening since you ALSO make sure that you're telling us the method – so whenever I go to try some of your projects and so forth, I may not be going at it easy-breezy like you, but I can at least know I'm doing it right or not 😀

Greg Ward says:

I read the title as Custom Inlays for your PLYWOOD Projects, and I liked that idea too, despite that was not the video

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