How To Make Simple A 2X4 Bench Seat #Woodworking #DIY

How To Make Simple A 2X4 Bench Seat #Woodworking #DIY

Me and a Friend made this simple bench for his goat pen so they would have a place to sit and play with their baby goats.



Dalli handyman says:

That looks so sold nice job πŸ‘

martha bush says:

Were the 2×4's used as is or planed?

Joseph A.J. says:

Where's the 'how to' part?

Joaquin Funez says:

Is the length 52” or 53”? I think it’s 52” can you please let me know

ModestMaking says:

Jeez Randy, you need to hit that treadmill! πŸ™‚

Jeff Melson says:

Very simple but clean design! I just uploaded my first video for my channel. I subscribed to yours because you have great content and useful information that might help me get better.

SiTengoTiempo says:

Nice work — simple, sturdy and looks good!

Adam Ladocha Woodwork says:

how long was the 2×4

kathryn liu says:

Paint or stain before you build

RandomVideoCircus says:

I made a stool once in high school. It didn't turn out as good as this!!!

That's a Wrap says:

Wow, that's really, really great! Very nice!

WORRO01 says:

I need two of those to go with the table I made about 13 years ago! Nice bro~~John

SonyVegasPete says:

Super nice project! I like that a lot.

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