How to Turn Firewood into Floating Shelves | DIY Woodworking Project

How to Turn Firewood into Floating Shelves | DIY Woodworking Project

I show you how to turn firewood into live edge DIY Floating Shelves with invisible mounting hardware. A great woodworking project to use free lumber for a rustic floating shelf in your home. BLOG:

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Tools/Supplies Used (affiliate):

Invisible Shelf Hardware –
2” Forstner Bit –
JET Parallel Clamps –
Table Saw –
RIDGID 13″ Planer –
JET 8” Jointer –
14” Bandsaw –
Tape Measure –
Carpenter Square –
Random Orbital Sander –
Respirator –
Oil Based Polyurethane –

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YouCanMakeThisToo says:

Came out great, Brad! I dig the chunky look too, those logs had some pretty grain. Really enjoyed the video.

-Caleb Harris

Ryan Hendricks says:

Gorgeous shelves!

Mike Mitchell says:

Hope you don't plan to wear that offensive hat in all your videos! RTR!

Sheelah K says:

thanks for such a beautiful and affordable project. I just LOVE the way they look. 😀

Kaged Creations says:

Those look great. Well done.

Landon Martin says:

Super cool to see a local Tennessee guy holding down! Go Vols!

Daniel Hayes says:

You always have really good projects

Making And Fixing says:

Hey this is a good idea. I have small logs to use after cutting a small tree down in my back yard. I have been wondering what to do with them after they are dry enough to be used.

Fisher's Shop says:

Nice job, Brad. I actually like the idea of the hidden compartments in each one. Although I'm pretty sure my son would fill them full of legos before I could even think of what to put in there.

Mike Merzke says:

Awesome job Brad! Those shelves turned out great. Good luck on the new career and keep up the good work!

S Scott says:

What a great project. Good job Brad. I always look at firewood and wonder about its potential. This is a great idea.

African Cichlids says:

That hardware was pretty bad ass

African Cichlids says:

I did one to . but i added walnut corbels and a. Maple apton looks japanese style live edge . nice grain on yer project came out real nice .i love making stuff. From firewood.thumbs up

Alejandro Carvajal says:

Muy buen trabajo, saludos desde chile

GG Woodwork says:

brilliant project, and video! love this idea and think ill pinch it as i have a few logs waiting to be used!

1989go says:

Looks really nice! Did you weigh them? Would be interesting how heavy they are

Slovenian Woodworker says:

Any kind of wood can be turned into house decor/ shelf or else 🙂
Anyway nice project and cool idea. Cheers

Andre Duvenhage says:

That's pretty awesome.

BeGamerSl says:

Great video! Those shelves really turned out great. If you ever plan to put a lot of weight on them you can mount them with french cleats.

Ian Olinares says:

What type of wood it is sir? Anyways, it's really really cool, keep it up.

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