Make your own angelfish decor – DIY woodcraft project

Make your own angelfish decor – DIY woodcraft project

Welcome back to Wood ‘n’ Stuff w/ Steve French! In today’s video, we make some cool fish decor pieces. See below for links to the patterns. Please take a moment to like, comment and share. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE for tons more videos to come.

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Fish body:
Fish sides:
Small base:
Large base:

Thanks for watching!

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Carmen Soler says:

Beautiful !

Know What Mom Knows says:

This was SOOOOOOOOO COOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!! LOL….I can totally see how these fish can be created with SADUSDO!!! LOL…Yeppers, I am always thinking like that…and these colores POP….And we LOVE Fish…wowzer….well maybe someday πŸ˜‰ I have such a "DREAM LIST" Going of the things I want to make with Sawdust….its unreal πŸ˜‰ But boy oh boy Steve…you sure have made my list Much Longer now….lol…GREAT PROJECT…Watched the WHOLE Thing with AWE!!!!
Shelly Cole
aka "MOM" πŸ˜‰

Rich Gage says:

These are fantastic Steve!! Thanks for sharing

Pedro Mercado says:

they look so nice and colorful….
quick question what kind of paint is the one that u used?

μ •μ„±ν›ˆ says:

Good job β™©β™©

Jacque Abplanalp says:

These would be great for table centerpieces for events! Thank you for demonstrating the production method for making more than one. Also very entertaining editing on the video!

John Turner says:

very cool and creative. as always, love your vids πŸ™‚

Nikolay Lozovoy says:

Wish you the best of luck!


That's awesome. very creative.

Frank Ingram says:

Cool project Steve. I saw the net bag you got those larger stones in. I don't know what you paid for them but around here they are all over the place. If you are ever near North Carolina just look in some creek or river beds. Like you videos.

Kevin Sisk says:

very nice. I've been wondering where you were. Good to see you back at it

Reed Kay says:

funn project, where did ya go you all of your content was gone? Any way missed ya glad your back maybe you made an announcement if so I missed it…. like I said good to see ya …

JWAM Shop says:

That's a wonderfully fishy project! πŸ™‚ Very nicely done! I've read the comments but couldn't really grasp what exactly is going on. Regardless, I'm sincerely very glad to see some colorful fish emerging from your hands, man.

Art Rafael says:

Great to see you again, Steve. Very nice project.

Carl Jacobson says:

Fun one Steve πŸ™‚

RJBWoodTurner says:

Hello Steve,Β It's good to see a video from you.Regards,Bob

Kinderhook Woodcraft says:

Great video, Steve! I know someone who would love to have one of these.

Terry Whitley says:

Great work Steve They look great, I like the detail on them, They are very eye catching. Nice to see you back Buddy. Take care and Thank you for sharing….

Josh Carlson says:

Missed ya, buddy!!!

Rob Harrod says:

One Fish, Two Fish,
Red Fish, Blue Fish…
— — — —
Excellent Project!!

Dogwood Tales says:

What a deep project! … ahem
Great job. I like it. That's a terrific gift idea for a lot of places and situations.

WoodenCreationz says:

Very cool Steve!!! The money you will save on fish food! Lol

Jp's Custom Woodworking says:

Nice fish decor Steve, they turned out very nice i like all the bright colors you used on them. >:)…JP

Symon Fobbester says:

I thought the second one you were cutting out was going to be potatoes for a moment.
Nice video Steve. Thank you for your time time and effort making this video.

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