Pallet Wood Furniture Projects – DIY Moon Cradle for Cats!

Pallet Wood Furniture Projects  – DIY Moon Cradle for Cats!

Cool woodworking project that you can make in a weekend! Moon cradle all from recycled pallets wood using basic workshop tools. No Plywood consturction just planks, glue, scews and nails. A great Kreg Pocket Jig Project.

Would make a lovely bedroom bed baby crib but be careful about which pallets you choose for your furniture project.

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I wanted to make this for a while and i spotted it again about a week ago on the manomano diy projects section. Ive been after something different for Butters for a while and whilst hes not using his house that often ill make him a new bed. What better than a moon cradle? Looks great, a lot of sanding went on, if youve got everything lined up then maybe if you really grafted a weekend youd get one made, its the sanding that takes me the time, i take out all the machine marks and get it back to plain white wood.

Used the biscuit and kreg pocket screw combination to join the sides together without the need for long sash clamps or an internal plywood template. A winning combination for pallet work.
Kreg Pocket screw

Hitachi M12ve Router
Kreg pocket jig –

Glow in the dark powder mixed in with polyester resin around the stars from Alpha industries.

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Music with thanks by Scott Buckley
Track : Air
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Владимир Натынчик says:

Молодец! Похвально! Но лента светодиодная…. это лишнее!

j simpson says:

Crowd fund a mass production or patent protect the design and sell it to an established manufacturer if the production costs are too big for yourself….nice design😊

derek wilson says:

Lol lol love it the cat at the end just made me piss my self great job

Debbie Larocque says:

Omg !!! You are FANTASTIC !!! So cool ! Do you sell these !!!!

Brooks Adamson says:

2:02 If these lights do go off soon i swear to God!!!

Foxiepaws ACAnderson says:

My two hoodlums are going to love you. …of course I womt get any credit lol x

sun shine says:

omg just saw this video. amazing work!!! love that it was for your cat.

BUK says:

Very good Cat's Cradle. Welcome to my channel.

JUST Andrei says:

that last part was funny hahaha, awesome video 😃

Popelka Chajori says:

cute it would look better for a baby a newborn

dutchwoodworking says:

Again Awesome!

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