Ring of wood without much effort!

Ring of wood without much effort!

Handmade ring of wood

And today we’ll prove it. Three rings with three different technologies, made with our hands without using some special tools – this is real. Everything is in your hands! Subscribe to the channel, click the like and bell buttons, and of course, all the best from Dashing Axe 😉

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📌Аuthor’s rekamindation: materials, tools:
► Drill – https://amzn.to/2mCgvrl
► Nozzle on the drill – https://amzn.to/2oaL1cm https://amzn.to/2p25m47
► The machine for polishing – https://amzn.to/2mBYI3y
► Scales – https://amzn.to/2nsH6Yg


Thank you that you with us! Team of Dashing Axe.



Shanta Hsieh says:

I think you can learn more about it on woodprix.

Marco Grubert says:

Handmade with no special tools? I am seeing a miter saw, drill press & belt sander

Troilland Ford says:

Would there be a way to raster a word into the surface?

Ederd Stark says:

When I make a ring and constantly wear it. It splits. Today. My favorite and best one Ive made split on me. I dont want to quit but I really want to..

Sucker_punch3 says:

So wholesome.

Brandy Hawking says:

Try to make it with woodprix instructions and plans 🙂

Xougoxtosa Laura Helena says:

Ring of wood without much effort, just some 20 thousand bucks of professional equipment! Now see this another guy making a better ring without ANY tool but a cutter, a ruler, oil, super glue, a toothpick, sand paper and car polishing paste ->> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FC3MMVsWBoA

David Bishop says:

How much do you sell them for ?

Henry Bones says:

What type of oil did he use?

Vadym Volodko says:

I prefer to build with WoodPrix plans.

omnamah shivay says:

Good stuff mate. I like the fact that you kept it simple to the point throughout.

Amber Veronique says:

It isn’t much effort if yuh gave all those tools…

Priyankka Thanarajah says:

Is it waterproof

Franky Alcala says:

Very good work!

Volia Seenitsina says:

So difficult to do it but I love how simply and delicate it looks. Harmony)

Jenna Timmons says:

Awesome!!! Do a combination of simple projects and also come complex ones too. That's what I think 😁

Mariah Ager says:

I going to make one out of cedar wood for my gf
P.s her name is cedar

jaz muzz says:

Absolutely stunning, please 🙏make more simple tool creations 😇😇

vanilla Gorilla says:

Mixed projects, some big some small. Everyone is happy !

Benjamin Houser says:

What are the essential tools needed to make the most simple ring?

Todd Braun says:

How did you know which size to drill the hole for your finger?

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