Sword and Shield DIY project from pallet reclaimed wood

Sword and Shield DIY project from pallet reclaimed wood

Pallet scrap wood DIY project for kids to play with. This medieval sword and shield can be used for figth as a game. Use wood panel as simple way or wooden boards as shown on video. The sword, in second part of video, is simple woodworking project and needs only one short board. Children can play in real with them like in medieval knightly tournaments and we guarantee you, they will love it.



Kung Fu fortnite says:

ماشاءالله تبارك الله عليك يا مهندس

GQ3MindSpeaks says:

Sooooo….if one doesn’t have any of those power tools how simple is it really?

Maria Ramos says:

That looks easy to make

smatchett666 says:

Hola, que bonito trabajo, tengo una duda, cçomo hiciste los filos? gracias.

Mike Sowerby says:

Great DIY project, my kid loved how it turned out! Thanks and props for the video!

Slap Stuff Together says:

Nice use of your available tools. Liked the router treatment on the shield. +subbed!

Lucie Kucharova says:

Im sure we need these this summer

Go Build Ideas says:

Cute project ! 👍👍👍
Keep up the good work! I like making things out of wood too!

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