The Mid-Century Modern Bookcase – Easy DIY Project

The Mid-Century Modern Bookcase – Easy DIY Project

6″ HAIRPIN LEGS (Amazon link):

TOOLS LIST (Amazon links):
-Miter Saw:
-Drill and Impact Driver:
-Tape Measure:
-Safety Goggles:
-Ear Protection:

MATERIALS LIST (Amazon links):
-2″ Trim Head Screws:
-Wood Glue:
-Wood Filler:
-Sanding Block:
(partial list, lumber can be found at hardware stores)

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Micael Monroe says:

I’ve been watching this channel for years and have build a couple of amazing pieces with the help of your videos. Love how easy your tutorials are and creative too (ikea hacks etc). Keep up the amazing work!

Angel Marzan says:

Cool great job guys God bless you and thanks for teach us

GoalieBrae 30 says:

Are you securing it to the wall at all or is it stable enough in those feet?

Brian Heavner says:

Did anyone else laff when it said “now, we can screw?”. Yes, I stopped maturing in the 5th grade.

Hiho Wego says:

When I saw the "Now we can screw!" part , I lost focus on the build….😳

Greta Forbes says:

Great looking bookshelf! Thanks! Hi Henry you're so adorable!

Felix Ruiz says:

Great job girl.

R C says:

the bomb ..!!! love it…!!!

Derek Peterson says:

Still working on the floor, barefoot?

Kim Davis says:

I really like your videos but, can you build a work bench to get up off the floor?

hojofan says:

Nice job! However, I would have put a different finish on it and perhaps used a different type of wood besides pine.

scrapple61 says:

Great job .. and don't pay too much attention to all those safety guys 🙂

Stan Krupowies says:

Nice looking bookshelf. The glued butt joints won't hold up to much and it needs something to prevent racking out of square, but with a few minor improvements it could be real useful. As for the barefoot comments, please keep doing your projects barefoot – you have really GREAT looking feet!! I'll watch more just to see them!

Handle King says:

Such a stunning product and you don't actually need many tools! P.s. Love your centrepiece 😜

Yams says:

is the glue actually adding anything since you’re using butt joints??

Craig Hatch says:

Maybe one of these episodes you should title it, “making a work table for my wife” so she doesn’t have to work on the floor all the time.

djp Pereira says:

What i love about The Rehab Life, you can make awesome stuff without having to breakout 1 million dollars worth of tools.

Maxima says:

Do a video on how you repainted your fireplace and what colors you used.

MURR DOG says:

Where did you pick-up the steel feet?

12M Views says:

Low key…How’s your marriage ?

Wolly Benson says:

Great video I loved how she put that book case together once she had all the sections put together. It sure makes it easier to do. It gives me ideas of building one now. That little dog is sure cute i usually see him in all your builds. I thank you again for that well a well designed book case.

Jimmy Leal Cabezas says:

Me encantó tu trabajo muy lindo pero lo veo solo por ti eres una mujer fenomenal creo que te amo

cool okay says:

Another great video. One of our favorite channels

Monica Cliver says:

Yay Henry!Oh…the shelf is great too!

Keith Comer says:

Would you please replace the sanding block…..geez I've seen that same sanding block for years………

Robby Bollman says:

Love your vids…. I made the farmhouse bench.. it came absolutely beautiful.. tks guys 🙂

Ram R says:

Thats awesome! I have a 30 foot long by 20 foot high wall that is bare and have no idea what to do! This is something i can run with! Good job!

ROSALINDA Estrada says:

Great job! I am going to save this video so I can build on after I finished some other projects. Thanks

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