This May Be The Coolest Wooden Box Ever

This May Be The Coolest Wooden Box Ever

I used this box for my camera gear, but it can be used for anything else you’d like to put in there. Tools, tackle or even sewing stuff, if you’re into that.
The all-wood latch is what makes this super duper, oh and how neat is that split handle? This can be made bigger or smaller, and the metal hinges could be replaced with wooden ones, if you prefer.

The build article:

The Advanced Box Joint Jig:

My mini table saw sled:

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heyemcali says:

Lately, every time I'm looking for guidance on how to build something, you have a video for it! This will be my 3rd John Heisz-inspired project! And to anyone reading, you plans for the T-square fence was the best $10 I've spent in a long time!!

Kurgosh1 says:

What was causing the sparking at around 6:27?

Nashvillain says:

John sportin' the AC-DC BACK IN BLACK tee!

Simon Laplante says:

I would like to see more the result and how prpud yoiare of that.
I've learn how to a wooden spring buttom

walid khier says:

With all this labor time involved I guess the box is more expensive than the equipment it carries.

Bob Adkins says:

Next time go nuts on the hinges to satisfy everyone. Instead of piano hinges, just make 1/8 box joints in your lid and box where the hinges would normally go. With a long 3/32 drill, drill through the entire length, perfectly aligned. Insert a piece of 3/32 music wire, and you have an invisible, and impossible, hinge that would make everyone gasp. Great work, great vid, keep it up!

Dominic says:

Awesome build. I wanna make something like this for my soft pastels except I need to put lids on the top half that flips out.

Doug Boggio says:

That would be a very cool box if it were made of an exotic wood………..

Think I'll try it…….thnx for the idea

Gideon Bonfim says:

Excelente trabalho. Parabéns

First Aid Plumbing says:

Great craftsmanship!

Ed19601 says:

Fascinating aging video, eventhough I will probably never make this box.
Video is clear and concise. Straight to the point. No "hey guys, wassup' followed by bullshit like in so many YouTube vids.
I don't understand the huge amounts of dislikes: it's a beautiful result and if someone e isn't interested in it just move on. But then again….its a free country.
Thanks for the vid

JensSz says:

Cooler would it be, if the hinges were hidden. But I've learned much while watching.

Chris Finn says:

Coolest wooden box..and coolest video on YouTube. No nonsense and very informative and enjoyable. I get fed up with the people who hold up a piece of sandpaper and then talk about it for 10 minutes. Great t-shirt too..I have the same one lol.

Ron Rico says:

Loved this. New subscriber.

Charles Odom says:

I think it was awesome. Would u by any chance have a video on ur box joint jig?

Geography in Action says:

You should build 17,000 different boxes using many, many, many different methods so as to appease the masses. When you do, most viewers will skip through and ask you questions you've already addressed. Despite that, other viewers will ask that same question at least 27 more times because they failed to see the question addressed in the video and on the comments section. Then they will give expert testimony on why your 17,000 different boxes were 'wrong' anyways. Love your workmanship, and I like the way you don't put up with bullshit!!! Cheers fella!!!!!

Michael Heery says:


sticknstonesbrkbones says:

At 8:00 min, what do you call that technique? I have seen another guy do that with a circular saw and he called it "the Polish Planer." lol

421rants says:

That's pretty sweet. = )

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