Turning wood log into 6 awesome DIY home decor stuff

Turning wood log into 6 awesome DIY  home decor stuff

What do I do with the tree fell down in a cyclone? Well, I have some crazy ideas and here are 6 of them.
So what if you don’t have tree logs to try this projects?
Tree logs can always be bought from the shop for you desired size. It might cost Rs.20/kilo. If you need to order it online.
here are a few links:



Make spindles

wood log reference video

Please watch: “This vegetable vendor inspired me with his physics!!!”



Jackson Catlett says:

Is there an easy way to keep logs like this from rotting over the course of a few years? I cut wood for my fireplace and over a few years logs tend to get very brittle and the bark chips off. How can I stop this?

Othello De Sutter says:

Nice ideas! Very original 🙂

Ankeet Gujar says:

Hi.. I am Ankeet, an Artist….
Most of time I do pen and ink drawing in canvas…Hut I wanted to try my drawings on wooden slab.
Can you please guide me through it…

Vio Captar says:

po ti litlllililili lde bacha! ke sae sharmut?

Mahendra Tiwari says:

George, very nicely done! hope to see more of your creative videos ,thank u 🙂

Jay Sybrandy says:

Very very cool 🙂 I would never have enough patience to chisel out that whole log 👍👍

Gowthaman Kandavelu says:

Great video and it will add good styling to your table


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