Wooden DIY animation toy

Wooden DIY animation toy

I made this classic “put the fish in the bowl” toy using scrap plywood pieces and a dowel.

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1800cc says:

nice old school project ! kids need more of these
thanks for sharing

Алексей Береста says:

херня какая то…

Caleb Voisine-Addis says:

I hate to be that guy, but this isn't actually animation. Animation is a sequence of moving images, whereas this just seems to combine two. Still, nice thaumatrope. 😉


μπραβο φιλε ωραιοσ ομωσ γιατι δν αλλαζεις την μουσικη?α και απο που εισαι

Repeat After Me Restoration says:

Great work .!!! . little project like this should be taught at school , so kids get an idea on how to use different tools and also get a toy to play with at the end ….

Cactus! workshop says:

Poor fish trapped in that globe! or not 😀 these toys are very cool!!

Humus Workshop says:

Good project mate, love it!

Wood Tools Workshop says:

Cool! That's something my grandpa would have made for me, 60 years ago.

Templeboy Turnings says:

Very cool, I might steal this idea if you don't mind and try making one on the lathe 😉 Credit going to you of coarse 😀 ….. Thanks for sharing, regards, Steve.

Robin Lewis says:

Cool project. Is there a reason you like making toys a lot?

Matt Diresta says:

very cool. gave me some awesome ideas on other things that can be done using a similar build and technique.

John Smith says:

Generic YouTube Music : (


hey love this project you have made here. its awesome to watch your channel grow i have watched you from 20.000 subs

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