My home arcade project #3 -the Arcade Table

My home arcade project #3 -the Arcade Table

My Arcade Table, home arcade project #3.

For more info on making your own Retropie projects, check out these excellent videos:



Mat Fox says:

UPDATE! IT now runs Rey's 128GB image, which is (A) sensational and (B) worked first time with no tweaking needed.

S Steel says:

Fantastic build bud. Well done me ol' mucker

Jerry D says:

Nice build came out very nice!

Mat Fox says:

Hi ataristaffroom, I got the table from ebay. The design had been updated slightly and so the top was split into three pieces instead of the single piece i was after. i am toying with the idea of altering the top to join the three pieces together, but then i would need to get another sheet of perspex and undo all the microswitches underneath which is a bit of a fiddly ballache. Glad you like it though, everyone i know who has seen it in person loves it.

atari-Staffroom says:

Really nice setup. where did you get your base coffee table from?

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