The Perfect PC For An Arcade Build! "New Parts Build"

The Perfect PC For An Arcade Build! "New Parts Build"

I may have found the perfect “New Parts PC” for your next Arcade cabinet build! it will run LaunchBox, Big Box, Hyperspin, Retropie, Attract mode pretty much any Emulation front end out there! It stays cool, quiet and doesn’t burn as much energy as a repurposed dell Optiplex.

Parts Used in the Build:
Asrock a300w :

8Gb Ram:
1Tb 2.5 Drive:

Alpha Cade :

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Equipment I Use:
Screen Capture Device:
Tool Kit:
Soldering Station:
Raspberry Pi 3 B Plus:
Flirc Case:

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blowncold1 says:

Hey ETA Prime, you mentioned a hdmi marque monitor, mind sharing some links or doing a video on that particular aspect last one i found on ebay was like $500ish.

RyanWake bradtelle says:

If the PC is going inside the okay box then why do you care about size, I'm sure the cheapest mini-itx build is small enough.

RyanWake bradtelle says:

Could you find one of those premium CRTs, that way you can play retro games on displays they were designed for that not even the designer of your retro games got to experience.

I don't know how old they are, but since they're not being made anymore you should pick one up before they get crazy expensive.

TheDrunkenPL says:

Any build with lcd is a total waste of money…

Sam Lawry says:

Yes,a specific needs pc on each video.
I need the same stuff but with a vga 640x480p output (or jamma 15 khz) to my arcade,just need to change the graphic card and setting?
Or a best way?
I ve been thinking about a xbox360..already vga and hackpad jamma..a modded one with mame..cave..cps..neo..raito type x1-2..and it's perfect to me.

M D says:

A few months ago I replaced the i5 6400 2.7Ghz from my PC with an Intel i7 7700K and I didn't know what I was going to do with the i5, until I saw your video. So I ordered the ASRock Deskmini 110W, with 8GB of 2400 RAM and I will installing the i5 6400, with a noctua low profile heatsink and a Western Digital 500GB M.2 and probably I will be installing Ubuntu and it is going to replace the raspberry Pi inside my Bartop arcage box.

Enrique Dos Santos says:

i hace a itx mobo with that exact same processor, im gonna geto and arcade with my old x360 wired controllers and a 22 inch spare vga old monitor and some sprakers


Hey m8, great vid! If your into Cave shmups u should do a vid on jtagged xbox 360s. Im into shmups heaps and mainly got one because of the Cave series on it. They look amazing on the 360. Im interested how easy it'd b to put inside a bartop or worth it. I use an external fight stick with them. But u can make most of them heaps custom too, changing my monitor on its side is pretty sweet and u can change the bezels even on most the 360 ones too. Not sure if thats an option with the MAME ones. I've played a bunch of the MAME ones but yeh def try a 360 with them.

Justin Aqualime says:

Is someone familiar with it's ability for ps2 emulation? I've been thinking of building a bare bones setup like this

Farglior X says:

Windows 10? Goodbye resources.

WrathOf Fulgore says:

ETA, I would very much like to know more about how you got the marquee monitor and how you set that up. I have a Recroom Masters cabinet….it's a 27" X-arcade cabinet, and I've been wanting to add a marquee monitor to the cabinet, but I haven't even been able to source a monitor for it.

Brad Viviviyal says:

Cave SHMUPs are the best – Bullet Hell Games are Life.

SubRetro says:

Love the video and this is a great idea. I am looking at doing a Win10 PC build with BigBox but I also want to run some PC fighting games in it to. The new Killer Instinct SF4/5, Injustice 2 etc. I would imagine the GPU on this board wouldn't be able to keep up. Mind doing a test with it?

SefJam says:

Awesome and informative! Thanks for always making great content this is my favorite YouTube channel every time I get the notification it feels like my favorite T.V. Show is about to come on.

MrFrozensmoke says:

did you have to remove anything from the tv to install in into the box? as far as the bezel or casing.

ModRetro Gaming says:

Will this beast run digital pinball games well? (Pinball FX3, Visual Pinball, etc)?

Sandro says:

Very nice one 👍

Vaping For Charity says:

Eta can i put a Noctua NH-L9a on it or rather will it fit

9923andy says:

Can you comment on your preference between the asrock and the inwin Chopin? I like the inwin Chopin cause the power supply is inside the case. Not sure which one is better…

zukme says:

where can we buy those rom games ?

Josh Harris says:

@ETA Prime – Do you mind sharing what Big Box theme that is that you are running?
Awesome build by the way!

Michael Jensen says:

Honestly… If it's for an arcade machine, not sure if I get the point of spending extra for the small form factor… Or even a case at all. Why not just salvage a cheap PSU, and buy a $55 B350 mobo and toss that in there and save the $95… it'll take up a little bit more room, but not much, and you'll be able to upgrade the GPU down the road…

tom611 says:

Using the VESA mount for inside the cab is a neat idea. You could mount it next to the coin door, so that all you'd need to do gain access to it's front panel is to open the coin door. With a bit of fidgeting you could probably get the entire machine to come out the coin door to be able to do internal maintence.

thenextmj4523 says:

Marvel vs capcom2 work on both dreamcast and naomi with this build? THANKS FOR THE VID!!!

Toby Cripe says:

8:00 should have picked kilik 😬

Refugio Villegas III says:

I like watching videos like this but can't afford to do everything myself even though I do have the time to put it together. Got a new career that's about to kick off which means more money to do this on the side whenever I get the chance to some day soon. Thanks for the video and hopefully one day I can send you a video on what I've customized on my arcade set up.

Jonathan Ellis says:

As soon as you reviewed the deskmini I though that would be great in my arcade cab, you even chose the same CPU I was gonna go for. And you beat me to it!! Still waiting for availability in the UK. Nice Build!

PapaVito &HisThoughts says:

I love this channel

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