DIY Steel Fire Pit 🔥 | My 1st All Metal Build!

DIY Steel Fire Pit 🔥 | My 1st All Metal Build!

How to build a DIY Steel Fire Pit. I welded this fire pit together from ⅛” steel plate and ⅛” square tube. It was my first time welding a full metal project and cutting this much steel at once. I learned a lot about metalworking and came out with a sweet portable DIY fire pit. It’s perfect for taking to tailgate or just a backyard firepit that won’t take up a permanent spot. #firepit #metalworking #welding

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Let me know what metalworking projects you'd like to see me take on next!
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смерть троллю says:

I only have iron blocks and a pickaxe what do i do

slwjenks says:

Awesome brad, you’re very creative and your work is excellent!

Penalty Box Woodshop says:

Nice metal project! Fire pits are expensive so this is a great DIY

John Bredemere says:

enjoyed that – nice video – thank you.

Luis Olivier says:

Muy buen trabajo. 👍.. Saludos desde Argentina !!

Bryan Chester Selisana says:

Can you make a smoker?

Luis Lira says:

I like it. I do a lot of traveling for work and it’s good throw down grilled. I would add horse shoes as handles. I’ve built some before but lil bigger and heavy. That style is perfect no stack required Perfect for grilling. Awesome job brother

SuNsEt HyPe says:

Rombus is a Diamond shape just for future reference.

Julian Pizarro says:

Pretty cool. Now I know what i'm using some of the scrap metal at work for. I'd love to see you build an outdoor cooler or something.

karen2864 says:

Great first metal work. Well done.x

eric esquivel says:

Looks ok but brother u need practice on welding

vettencle says:

Great video. How do you like your headphones? They look like ISOTunes (?). Want to find a more comfortable option to wear other than earmuffs, because those don’t mix with safety glasses. Thanks for the info.

Austin McCleery says:

Huge thank you to Fireball whiskey for sponsoring this build! 😂😂😂

Matt B says:

This is such a great project! I love the portability!

Joshua Defibaugh says:

Well, apparently, the plural of octopus isn't octopuses or even octopi. It's octopodes. So….apply that to rhombus and you'll get the word right. Love the fire pit, but I'd be a bit concerned about the heat the metal conducts after a few hours of use.

DIY Huntress says:

This 🔥 pit is absolute 🔥. Nice job, my dude!

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