Josh' Basement Build ⚡️ Backyard Flyer! | Quarantine Project #1

Josh' Basement Build ⚡️ Backyard Flyer! | Quarantine Project #1

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rob mahabey says:

Hi Josh, I heard you say edgewater are you by chance in Maryland? I’m nearing retirement age and my son is 22 close to your sons age. We own a mechanic / custom paint shop here in Baltimore.My wife passed away under 2 years ago and drones have become a passion of mine since then, it has brought by my son and myself very close since my wife passed. We would love to hook up with you guys and maybe learn a thing or two. Lol

David Smith says:

I wish you would create a das ugly stick plane 1000mm size!

3M DIY says:

Very good flyer!

Dave Cooper says:

Fantastic house and garden. No one, in the UK, has gardens that big. We're packed in like sardines!

mark o says:

Back yard flyer?? who's back yard?? The sultan of Brunei ?

AustinPetDetective says:

Hobby King to me is a waste of time for me today, I used to spend a lot of money in the past, but got sick of the number of planes dissapearing from the website, couldn't get ASP engines anymore, things i really needed on back-order or not in stock?. Frustrating and annoying in every-way.

Larry Ahee says:

Thank you for putting the video out I followed you from the beginning, and have Enjoyed every episode. When I get sick of the news I always turn guys on and watch you gets my mind out of the gutter and into the air.

Nathan Guerra says:

Those plans are my favorite. There cheap and fun

TheCrnic says:

This feels like a recap episode from an anime series.

Sean Moore says:

This video felt like sitting down with an old friend. I loved it.

TNT William says:

Make a octocopter that recharges with soler panles with a camra

James Webb says:

I'm working on my first build, a plane made out of Coke cans.

joe selzer says:

Boom dropping Question have u though of putting a tinny camera in the belly of the plain right in front of the drop hatch with a video monitor to help to see better when to drop the boom aka fruit or what every your dropping

HB9HAL says:

Hi Josh
you inspired me to go into this hobby starting with Multicopters and so I went into Fixed Wings too. As most of us stay at home too, I have had for work to go to Arosa where I started this flight.
I hope it brings you a bit of our Swiss Mountain light into your Basement and hope you like it.

Greg Plaka says:

for all that watch your videos during this covid 19 you should give a free airplane of there choice to show how much you care for the guys that watch. Give us a code number so when we call you can ship out the product. lets see how much you care.

Oscar Meyrick says:

Great stuff! What a nice throwback. Time to order some foam board 😊

UpVoltage Overclocking says:

Would love so see u put a .20-.40 size nitro engine on a foamy lol

Hatch61 says:

Have you ever made a Ford TriMotor? It seems like it would be a challenge. Great content, thanks.

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