20 Smart Ideas How to Make Small Bedroom Look Bigger

20 Smart Ideas How to Make Small Bedroom Look Bigger

It doesn’t matter how small your bedroom is.

If you are ready to put in some time and heart into making your small bedroom look bigger, you will.



Judi Moss says:

‘Heighted’ is not a word , goodness me!

Gacha Lea says:

because it is normal to put your bed in your closet when you are not using it

Connie Capone says:

Ugliest decor ever!

Oh Dhyan korea says:

I love the ideas. Thank you

Geri Lynn says:

# 14 vertical/horizontal Don't break the flow. Ha… # 15 next image so funny, rule broken… right there vertical/horizontal side by side and it looks horrible.

Judith McDaniel says:


Tatum Angeles says:

My bedroom is smaller than any of the pictures of small rooms their
Like if u can relate

kim car crashian says:

but these rooms are big

immo B says:

Very helpfil.
I never knew or even thought about some of these ideas! Thanx

Sreedhar Sandiri -BFA says:

Bad video… Y your using 1/2.. Space.. Looking very heard.

dreeeraaa a says:

But I am poor ….I can't have any of that ….what should I do….

merry hunt says:

This overlooks that one of the main functions of a bedroom is to provide a place for restful sleep. Light colors and open windows go against that. And good luck not walking into the transparent furniture when the room is dark.

Usha Pund says:

Right side is osmm…..

mary A says:

She said not to have end table because it adds to clean up,then said get table lamps 🤔

jeffreypigeon says:

"think again whether you need that extra side table or not"
Who has 4 side tables in a bedroom?

"you can easily try using a mattress since mattresses are small and can easily be placed inside a closet"
whose closet is big enough to fit a mattress and who is going to spend time folding up and unfolding bedlinnen and a mattress every day?

"for small areas it's a great idea to have dining tables that are small or compact"
why on earth would you have a dining table in your bedroom? how large is this woman's imaginary small bedroom?

Augusta Jensen says:

Me: having a really small room

Them saying that u shouldn’t have tall things in a small room

Also me: having a bed that’s almost one meter high…

Cpwar Music says:

Make ur room look bigger get rid of ur bed and use sponge baaam!!!

Petak Zametak says:

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Rainify says:

The rooms she shows are actually not that small.

Maryam Oman says:

18 naic👍😍

Lowri says:

These bedrooms are huge tho

Monny SILVA says:


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