3 Romantic Dollar Tree Diys for Bedroom, Bathroom or Beauty Room – Vintage, French, Whimsical

3 Romantic Dollar Tree Diys for Bedroom, Bathroom or Beauty Room – Vintage, French, Whimsical

Hi Welcome to my description section. In this video I’ll show you how to create 3 amazing DIYs using Dollar Tree items. These DIYs are perfect to decorate your bedroom, vanity and beauty room, and I also show how to stay organized using dollar tree cubes. The first project is how to transform typical Dollar Tree cubes into a beautiful mirror cube accented with floral branches for the perfect balance between organization and style. The second project is how to create a vintage hair brush and to compliment the last project is how to create a matching vintage vanity mirror accented with flowers for the perfect whimsical touch to your beauty room. As I mentioned before, these project are perfect for you bedroom, beauty room, bathroom or a girl’s bedroom. As I mentioned in the video if you haven’t checked out my latest video where I show you how to create a beautiful orb chandelier, I list it below so you can check it out. Also, don’t forget that next week I have an exiting project coming up so make sure to subscribe!

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Lulu Sapphire says:

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Once again thank you very much for watching, I wish you a very blessed day 😀

M. Moorehead says:

I love this. You are immensely talented.

Karen Garcia says:

So vintage fairytale like. I think you deserve more subscribers since. It seems like you definitely put a lot of time and effort on your diys. The style is not my cup of tea, but definitely very pretty

dorcas glaydor says:

Oh my God, Lulu, the Lord has blessed you with an amazing gift. This is so beautiful, and wonderful.

Danita J Boston says:

awesome job

cass77788 says:

i made both the mirror and the brush and they turned out fabulous!!!

Gracy Jones says:

Love the mirror. I feel inspired to do something to my mirror. Hmmm.

Karon Rivers says:

Wow, wow, wow,

SeanKBeauty says:

Lulu you definitely have a new subscriber here I actually started looking for ideas to create a beauty bar for my talk show/video on Beauty for Monday morning and I am so happy that I came across your video because I wanted to create something very unique and beautiful so I will definitely share the link with you after I do this idea that you’re showing here because it is so lovely and you’ve definitely inspired me tonight. Keep doing what you do and you have an incredible lovely personality

Brittany Jordan says:

Omg this video was so amazing.. I love it.. Im so glad i clicked on this video.. Definitely goin to keep on eye out for her lovely videos..

Kimberly O'Brien says:

Beautiful! Would also be pretty in a guest bath.

Ioanna Stefanaki says:

You are a real Quinn

MsE Phillips says:

Very creative
You are living like a princess
Need this idea for my daughter room
Thanks for sharing
Just subscribe
Be blessed

T Catalina says:

I love your videos! 💜💙💛🧡❤💚

Khessa Michelle says:

you are good!!!!!!!!!!!

Butterfly says:

Your sister does not post videos

mirror mirror says:

getting material is touff and diy is easy when u have creativity

Tracy Jacks says:

Absolutely Beautiful

esther williams says:

This is my first video I have seen of yours. Subscribed. I love your videos.

Renee Hayes says:


Ultra Violet says:


Shanta Cowan says:

Love, love, love that!!!! Really pretty, thanks for sharing.

Tammy Barrett says:

I love your creative ideas
I hope you do some decorating Christmas videos

Ashley Barrett says:

It is so beautiful that I am crying.

Christine_Slayy_ Queen says:

First time here loved your ideas

Shalonte Hernandez says:

Omg you're so awesome!

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