3 Vintage Glam DOLLAR TREE Diys to Decorate Your Bedroom!

3 Vintage Glam DOLLAR TREE Diys to Decorate Your Bedroom!

Hi Welcome to my description section. In this video I’ll show you how to create tree amazing Dollar Tree diys that you can use to decorate your home. These diys have a vintage and glam look that I know many of my subscribers enjoy. The first project is a beautiful set of candle holders accented with flowers and crystal chandelier beads. They are perfect to decorate a bedroom, desk, living room/dining room, or they can even be used as a center piece for a wedding venue. The second project is how to create a silver tray with elevated legs and a unique bow detail for added interest. Finally, the last project is how to create an amazing wall sconce accented with crystal beads, perfect to decorate a glam bedroom, bathroom, dining room or it can also be used as a party decoration for birthdays and weddings. All these project were completed using Dollar Tree items, however I did accent a couple of them with some crystal beads and chandelier crystals. I’ll link them down below in case you are interested, they are fairly inexpensive and they last for a lot of other projects. Don’t forget that I will be doing an amazing room transformation some time next week so make sure to subscribe. Thank you for watching and I hope you are able to take some inspiration from this video to decorate your home on a budget.

Crystal Beads Chain: https://amzn.to/2KA09uA
Acrylic Crystal Chandlier Pendants: https://amzn.to/2XfvYdN

How I Spray Paint Flowers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8KHAcsn_5c&t=5s

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Once again thank you very much for watching, I wish you a very blessed day 😀


These are definitely projects I can do with things I already have!!! 🤎🤎🤎 thank you for inspiring 💋💋

Victoria Flatgard says:

You are so very talented! Just lovely?

Veronica Binns says:

Have a Merry Christmas !🎄💕🥰

Veronica Binns says:

I could watch your videos all day long lovely work!💕🥰

Rosemary Soto says:

Lulu, can you detail the color of Spray Paint that you use? Thank you, Rosie

Stacy Shepherd says:

Thats absolutely beautiful items you have created.

Test Pilot says:


Regal Chocolate Shoppe says:

Lovely! Simply. Lovely! @Lulu Sapphire, Is your candle snuffer also a diy? I'd love to try making one if it is. Many advance thanks.


thank you for the tray and candle holder ideas. you are a whiz.

Sandra Gonzalez says:

I glad I found your channel.

Tonya Claxton says:

I would try painting the scones a soft pink. Beautiful🌺

Darlene Mccall says:

I love your videos they are so peaceful and relaxing 😊 I'm so glad i found your channel ❤ God bless you my love

Maria Lucia Almeida Marques says:

Eu agradeço viu Lulu eu aprendo muito com você como você é chique. Tanto Bom Gosto Parabéns Lulu

Nicole Bernal says:

I love your channel i love the simple i instructions

Keri Stevenson says:

You should definitely be doing ASMR videos! Very calming crisp voice🌸

Raul Rubio says:

Which do you think is more as a vintsge color for. Bedroom silver or color gold?

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