DIY Bedroom Furniture⎪Rustic Nightstands

DIY Bedroom Furniture⎪Rustic Nightstands

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Hi friends, I made these rustic nightstands out of crates & 1X4s for our bedroom & I’m in love! They were so simple to make & they fit in so well with the rustic/vintage decor that I love.
If you can’t tell yet, I’m obsessed with rustic style/basically Pinterest anything so these guys are beautiful to me!
While snooping around Pinterest I found a picture of nightstands similar to this but there was no tutorial. So I took the pic to my local hardware & craft stores & went crazy. It took one weekend & they look so amazing in our bedroom!
At jut under $30 a piece, these nightstands are my DIY dream!

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*You Will Need*
2 wooden crates for 1 nightstand, 4 total if you’ll be making 2 nightstands

Two 8ft 1X4, cut into ~13in pieces
Liquid nails
Caulk gun
I used Minwax stain in Early American
Foam brush
Damp cloth
Bracket/Screws (X4/X8)

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I’m a 23 y/o student, aspiring teacher, Pinterest addict, blooming Wine-o, & avid DIY-er.
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I’m so excited to start this new journey & I can’t wait to share my ideas!

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jorurikurosawa says:

I was scrolling down the comment section, and I haven't found where did you get your chicken wire bin, May I know where did you get them from? please..with a cherry on top? 🙏

Norah Anna van der Kooij says:

Very Nice…Just dont Have the crates!!..:(

whatdoyousayCharityJ says:

Omg I love this! Subscribed!

TheMsAnnaRose says:

I followed this step by step and they came out great! Love them and so does all of my friends and family! My nephews helped me so it turned into a fun family project! Thanks girl!

Boheara says:

This is great, thanks! how did you get the light wooden pieces for the top to become the same darker colour as the crates ? is this what you get after a coat of Minwax stain in Early American ??

Ana J says:

i finally figured out what to do with the 6 crates i have in my room! i have 2 large wardrobe like fixtures and they take up so much space i think im going to glue these together and attach a pipe and put it against one of my corner walls for an open industrial clothing organizer. ill definitely tag you on the finished product if i do it. thanks for the inspo!

Claudia Lemus says:

Omg I need you to come fix my house 😭😭❤

Katherine Allen says:


Lessthanforty says:

New subbie!

Tammara Shaw says:

Awesomeness. I ❤ it….

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