make a feature wall under $100 – budget DIY interior design

make a feature wall under $100 – budget DIY   interior design

In this video i will show you how to transform a boring plain wall into a creative designed accent / feature wall. Follow this step by step interior design process to create a living room makeover. This DIY project is perfect on a budget (with or without ryobi nailer ) and is very similar to wainscoting and will cost under $100 to complete with very basic or little experience and tools. The color of the paint used is taupe white quarter.This is a perfect way for anyone to create an accent /feature wall or change the home decor on a budget and the results before and after results are amazing. This project can be done without a nail gun buy using glue or hammer and nails however the use of my ryobi brad nailer as you can tell makes the job so easy and fast
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DIY wainscoting accent / feature wall under $100

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kacysing says:

Hi great DIY video, what and where can i buy that yellow cutting tool? What's the last paint coatings? Thanks

Alex Kanikov says:

ugly, especially power sockets

maria no name says:

This is awesom, I just purchased a fixer upper and I will use this to make the walls look fancy. New subscriber!

Andrea Carmen says:

what an awesome job. ready to try this out fingers crossed it works out

Jen Hill says:

Oh gosh, great work but the music choice is VERY irritating 😣

Mona V says:

@ Billshowto: How about I just fly you over here to Los Angeles, CA, USA and you can build it for me without your shirt on?

What a cutie !!!


Emuos Sophia says:

I would like to see the video of how to do that of stairway on the other side of the rail handle

Arin Muhammad says:

Its not $100 anymore since the gun itself cost more than $100

royal sims says:

Looks Great

Trent Trevorrow says:

The gap at the bottom is too shallow. Remember, you'll be looking down at it most of the time so it needs to be higher. That's why doors etc. have a thicker rail gap at the bottom. The way here looks too odd.


Great job man !!!

Robin Miller says:

GREAT video, but music sucks!

Inquisitve m says:

what is the purpose of a feature wall?

Inquisitve m says:

im having a hard time getting caulk off my kitchen cabinets…some smeared on to it…it has been there for a few years…the goo gone stuff doesn't work. is there another way to safely move it without damaging the surface? thanks

The Outdoors Daddy says:

Are you using any liquid nails behind the trim pieces? Nailing into studs?

Darling Doni says:

Love this! Would you say this would be hard to remove? Moving into a rental. They said I can do what I want just have to put everything back whenever I move out

Camilo CienFuegos says:

nice work, great job!

Samiha Shaheed says:

this was such a great tutorial! can't wait to try it out πŸ™‚

Sam Avery says:

I like your method, looks simple . I would suggest that you aligned your lower trim piece to be the same height as the adjacent sill on the side wall . Looks a little too close to the floor .

ElleSilk says:

How cool! love it

RareEnigmaβ„’ says:

I express my thanks for sharing this tutorial sir, I will love to add this design to my mother's room as a gift. Hopefully since I desire to learn how to install trim to a wall, this guide is helpful.

TSD TSD says:

please make the music louder. useless

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